Board of Directors Meeting

November 20, 2015 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm MOSCA COMMUNITY BUILDING 

ZAPATA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Meeting November 20, 2015

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, November 20, 2015, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Erin Smith, Wayne Ross, Tyra Barnes and Anna Dvorak. Member John White arrived late and his entry will be noted later in the minutes. Member Troy Campbell was absent but prior to the meeting gave his proxy to Erin Smith for voting purposes at this meeting. Administrator Cindy Chapman was present. There were no property owners present.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as published.

Approval of Minutes from September 18, 2015: Erin Smith moved to approve the September 18, 2015, minutes as presented. Wayne Ross seconded and the motion carried unanimously with proxy.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Erin Smith moved to approve the bills as presented. Wayne Ross seconded and the motion carried unanimously with proxy.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman presented the following list of her activities over the past two months.

9/19/2015 (.5 hours) Consolidation approval for Kirkham emailed to Alamosa County Land Use and Kirkham.

9/22/2015 (.5 hours) Posted August minutes to ZHA website. Finalize additional information to complete 2014 financial review.

9/23/2015 (4 hours) Mailed architecture plans to Jack re: Lockwood addition. Record lien release for Chang. Transcribed September minutes. Deposit to Alamosa State Bank.

9/24/2015 (1 hour) Newsletter and 2016 Budget emailed to O & V to print and mail to membership. Email response to Perry re: Virginia Moore account.

9/28/2015 (1 hour) Phone call with Bruce Bosche re: delinquent account and payment schedule. Response to Aileen Peek email re: picnic tables at Upper Lake.

9/30/2015 (2 hours) Picked up and mailed foreign newsletter/2016 budget. Posted 2016 budget/newsletter to the ZHA website. Lien release prepared to Langer. Posted Governance meeting minutes to website. Sent 2009 Covenants documents to Governance Committee members.

10/1/2015 (.5 hours) Reminder emails sent to De’Luce and Chain re: 2015 dues payment schedule.

10/6/2015 (3 hours) Status on account information emailed to Allpine Title for Bekius. Account detail emailed to JD Kohn @ Carlton for A & J Solar. Prepared October checks for signatures.

10/7/2015 (1 hour) Reconcile ASB accounts and emailed September financials to Wayne.

10/8/2015 (1 hour) Phone conference with JD Kohn re: A & J Solar account.

10/10/2015 (1.5 hours) Prepared financials prior to check signing. Deposit to ASB.

10/15/2015 (1 hour) Phone conversation with Cassell for 2015 dues payment. Status on account information emailed to Allpine Title re: Scrima. Warranty Deed received on Bekius sale to Oswald.

10/20/2015 (1 hour) Status on account emailed to SLV Title re: Winfrey property to close on 10/30. Buyers are Wendolyn Michnay and Timothy Kirkpatrick.

10/21/2015 (1 hour) Emailed response to W. Michnay about ZHA website registration.

10/23/2015 (.5 hour) Draft of 2014 Financial Review emailed to Wayne for his review and comments.

10/27/2015 (2 hours) Status on account information emailed to Allpine Title re: Sunflower Bank properties prior to closure on 10/19. Warranty Deed received from sale of property from Bekius to Anthony Oswald. Water Data Use Form emailed to John and Jack to complete for 2015. Lien release prepared Cassell.

10/28/2015 (3 hours) Financial review edits from Wayne emailed to Martinez to finalize 2014 financial review. Delinquent accounts for 2015 as well as prior year updated balances emailed to Carlton Collections.

10/29/2015 (1.5 hours) Emailed completed 2015 Water Data Use Form to WD III. Deposit to ASB. Lien releases recorded with Clerk.

11/3/2015 (2 hours) Ongoing emails with new property owner Wendolyn Michnay re: website registration, gate code, welcome letter. Problem with website registration sent on to Anna to try and complete registration for Michnay.

11/4/2015 (4 hours) Record Kirkham lot consolidation approval by County. Follow up with DeLeon, Ybarrondo, Wrobel and Magowan on status of their consolidations. Request by Carlton for excel spreadsheet on all delinquent accounts with contact information. Current amount now in collections is $107,727.01. Draft agenda emailed to board.

11/9/2015 (1 hour) Reconciled bank accounts and emailed October financials to Wayne for his review.

11/10/2015 (3 hours) De’Luce notified that the recent payment received does not bring their account current. Casserly lien release prepared. Reviewed property owner database to make sure all recent sales have been recorded. Updated ZHA Phone Book. Recorded transfer of property from Scrima to Fitton.

11/13/2015 (2 hour) Michnay ongoing web registration problems sent on to Anna. Transfer Sunflower Bank properties in Unit 3 to Dave Pardun. There have been 16 property transfers to date in 2015 (56 individual lots and/or tracts), 6 with houses. Agenda posted to website.

11/16/2015 (2.5 hours) Monthly reconciliation completed with Carlton Collections. Statement emailed to De’Luce showing outstanding balance. Prepared Hickox lien release for signatures. Board packet information for upcoming meeting emailed.

11/17/2015 (2 hours) Prepared board packets for 11/20 meeting. Deposit to ASB.

42.5 Hours

Cindy also informed the Board that she had received a phone call from Peggy Freeman. Peggy is undergoing treatment for cancer and apologized for George as he is feeling guilty for not completing promised activities on the subdivision. Cindy assured her that the Board would completely understand and wished Peggy good luck with her recovery.

Caretaker’s Report: Caretaker Jack Zeman presented the following list of his activities for the past two months:

Date Activity Hours Start Mi End Mi Miles

16-Oct Excelsior, Firewise presentation 3 578 588 10

17-Oct Excelsior, Firewood announce, gate150 2 588 600 12

18-Oct 150 gate, wood, hunters, hydrant drain 2 600 613 13

19-Oct Blakesley meet, excelsior 2 613 630 17

20-Oct Excelsior, new Bekius owners 2 630 645 15

21-Oct Weeds meeting at GSD 0

22-Oct Change camera batteries 1 650 656 6

23-Oct Excelsior, gate150, Hampton trim 4 656 670 14

24-Oct Hunter at Mosca Pass, gate150 2 670 682 12

25-Oct 0

26-Oct 0

27-Oct 0

28-Oct Well reading, Rockco property line 2 682 688 6

29-Oct 0

30-Oct 0

31-Oct Gate 150, parked silver truck 1 688 700 12

1-Nov Aspen Tracking form 1 0

2-Nov Hunter patrol, gate 150 2 700 712 12

3-Nov Hunters 1 712 723 11

4-Nov 0

5-Nov Aspen Check 1 0

6-Nov Aspen Check 1 0

7-Nov Aspen Check, Fire Hose Box repair 2.5 728 738 10

8-Nov 0

9-Nov Aspen, burn pit check, dumpster 2 735 747 12

10-Nov Dumpster 1

11-Nov 0

12-Nov 0

13-Nov Superior Excelsior, 3 13

Totals 35.5          175

Jack reported that he had noticed several trucks parked on the subdivision over the past two months with only one having someone in the vehicle. He suspects that hunters have been gaining access somehow onto the subdivision. Discussion was held on this subject with Anna suggesting drafting a letter to place on the windshield on any suspicious vehicle. Anna will draft an initial warning letter and also a follow-up letter for repeat offenders.

During the discussion above, John White entered the meeting.

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that the building plans submitted by Blair and Lindsay Lockwood were approved and the building project is moving along nicely. Also the application submitted by Terry Lindemann for a house and shed were approved after a site visit by Tyra and Jack.

Communications: Chairman Anna Dvorak reported that a new website provider will soon be decided. Her committee will be holding a meeting on 11/27/2015. Jack informed Anna that Anthony Oswald, a new property owner living on the subdivision, has extensive experience with website development. An invitation will be extended to Mr. Oswald to attend the 11/27 committee meeting.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross stated that he had received no feedback concerning the 2016 Budget. Wayne stated that there should be a cash balance of around $48,000, not including reserves, at year end. Discussion was held on closing out the designated Fire House account due to inactivity and moving those funds into the general funds bank account.

Wayne moved to close the Fire House account and move funds into the general funds bank account. Erin Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Fire: Firewise Community: Jack stated that a Firewise Community Certificate was presented to the ZHA by Adam Moore from the Firewise Group. Blaine Witherspoon and Greg Rogers from Mosca-Hooper Fire Department were also in attendance when the Certificate was presented. Two Firewise Community notification signs have been installed by the bulletin board and front gate. During the August Annual Meeting, a Firewise Annual Meeting will also need to be planned and held as per requirements. More information will follow concerning being a Firewise Community. Property owners are encouraged to keep track of hours spent on fire mitigation projects as well as education sessions. Anna volunteered to coordinate pouch launching when the time comes to install pheromone pouches in the spring. Jack stated that signs marking the south emergency exit, fire evacuation routes and fire hydrants have been received and will be installed soon. Defensible space evaluations can be part of the Firewise program. Getting the word out is important so that interested property owners can jump on board. Aspen Cleanup: Jack informed Board members that the aspen cleanup projected began on 10/13/2015 but unfortunately Excelsior ran into mechanical problems with equipment so the project has not gone as well as expected. Jack stated, however, that he is pleased with what has been completed to date. Excelsior crews attacked the worst piles on California Circle first so rest of the cleanup should go faster. Weekly details have been sent to Jack as to what has been completed and Jack is monitoring closely to make sure their time is spent efficiently. Excelsior is being paid $25/hour/person which is close to past charges paid to other vendors for the same type of work and Jack feels this will be cost effective to the Association in the end. John White asked if there is severance language in the contract should it become too costly to continue. Jack said there is nothing per se but feels it will not get out of control.

Governance: 3rd Reading – Policy #26.01 Enforcement of Governing Documents: Prior to the meeting, Troy Campbell voted by email in favor of approving the third reading. Erin Smith moved to approve the wording in Policy #26.01 revision. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Physical Improvements: Weed Control: Wayne and Jack recently attended a meeting at the Great Sand Dunes National Park on exotic plant management and weeds on federal lands. It was very interesting and informative addressing all weeds in the San Luis Valley and identified the primary weeds found on the east side of the Valley. A working group is available for support on noxious week management on the subdivision. NRCS can do the evaluation and then determine what needs to be done to manage any weeds identified. Chemicals can be ordered through this working group at discounted rates. Equipment is also available to disperse the chemicals and/or apply the chemicals. Alternate weed control other than chemicals was discussed by the ZHA Board. The ZHA will pursue having an assessment done in 2016.

Water: Chairman John White stated that all water has been shut down for the winter. The 2015 Augmentation Report will be finalized and submitted prior to the 12/1/2015 deadline.

Welcome: Chairman Troy Campbell was absent and there was no report.

Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the Board at this meeting.

New Business: 2016 Budget Approval: Wayne Ross moved to approve the 2016 Budget as submitted to the membership. Erin Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously with proxy.



8/21/2015 RFP Follow-Up Website Anna Dvorak 2/19/2016

8/21/2015 Covenants Re-Write Work Session Governance Committee 2/19/2016

11/20/2015 Violation and Follow Up Letters for Vehicle Windshield Anna Dvorak 2/19/2016

11/20/2016 Close Out ASB Fire House Account Wayne, Jack and/or Erin ASAP

11/20/2015 1st Reading Policy #033.00 Wood on the Subdivision Governance Committee 2/19/2016

20-Minute Open Forum: Nothing was discussed.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, February 19, 2016, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.


Tyra Barnes, Secretary