Governance & ZHA Board Chairmen Meeting

June 10, 2013 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm 162 CEDAR RIDGE ROAD AgendaMinutes Jack Zeman, Nancy Starling Ross, Jim Jones, Tyra Barnes and Erin Smith met at the home of Erin Smith, 162 Cedar Ridge Road, Zapata Subdivision, at 5 p.m. June 10, 2013, to discuss the caretaker description.

Comments included:

Jack: bad to mandate that someone had to be from the subdivision.

Tyra, someone here is what is needed. Could be a renter, an EMT or fireman who wants to do the job.

Jim: leans toward someone on the subdivision.

Nancy: not pay mileage but not preclude someone off the subdivision. Run a background check, $6.85. Maybe references. Need valid driver’s license, resume, references.

Nancy: one thought: the chairman has lots of responsibilities. Vice chairman has fewer responsibilities so maybe that would be a good idea for him/her to have the responsibility for overseeing the caretaker.

There was some discussion about how extensive a patrol of unoccupied homes the caretaker should make and it was agreed that a drive-by observation was the answer unless the homeowner contracts separately with the caretaker for a more extensive check; it should not fall on the ZHA membership to provide more than that.

Those present agreed to the below description.


Position: Zapata Subdivision Caretaker

Description: This is an onsite position and serves to maintain the goals and objectives of the subdivision and the board of directors.


• Patrol area as necessary, from two to three times a week depending upon the time of year, e.g. during hunting season and spring runoff. Identify and approach unknowns when comfortable, especially during hunting season, and call the Sheriff’s Department and Division of Parks and Wildlife or other authorities when necessary.

• Ensure the front gate is in working order. Provide simple maintenance when necessary, and store/sell gate openers to members as needed.

• During water season monitor augmentation of recharge obligation at Blanca Place site insuring successful satisfaction of our decree. Maintain records of any water meter readings on the subdivision and report to the Water Committee any issues or problems. Generally support the ZHA Water Maintenance Plan.

• Perform maintenance such as removing logs on roads. Oversee and supervise cleanout of culverts, ditches, etc. to prevent flooding. Serve as point person for the Physical Improvements committee and keep informed of actions that affect roads, streams, culverts, greenbelts etc.

• Lock and unlock the wood recovery pit and assist with maintenance as needed.

• Note any beetle kill, root worm damaged trees during patrols and notify Fire Committee of location(s).

• Coordinate lightning patrol during high fire danger season.

• Other duties as assigned by committee chairmen.


• Proactive interpersonal communication skills with board members, committee chairs, homeowners and administrative assistant.

• Must have access to e-mail and cell phone. They must provide their own and it won’t be paid for by subdivision.

• Excellent knowledge of the subdivision.

• Able to get along well with others and avoid member conflicts.

• Reliable transportation for patrolling subdivision.

• Skills including use of chain saw. Caretaker must provide chain saw.

• Availability on-site.

Suggested Salary: $500/month with use of ZHA gas or mileage reimbursement at IRS rate. Contract will be through calendar year.

Supervision: Vice chairman of the board in coordination with committee chairman.