Board of Directors Meeting


Board of Directors Meeting

July 19, 2013

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, July 19, 2013, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Tyra Barnes, Wayne Ross, Jim Jones and Anna Dvorak via phone. Erin Smith was absent but prior to the meeting gave her proxy to Wayne Ross for voting purposes for this meeting. Administrator Cindy Chapman was also present. There were no property owners in attendance.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as published.

Approval of Minutes from June 21, 2013: Jim Jones moved to approve the June 21, 2013, minutes as presented. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Administrator Cindy Chapman pointed out that the check written to Cooley and Sons in the amount of $1,477.93 was for ½ of the total costs to complete the Upper Lake Dam repair as directed by the State Engineer.

Wayne Ross moved to approve the bills as presented.  Jim Jones

seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman provided the following list of her activities for the last month:

Caretaker Job Description/Job Announcement posted to the ZHA website. Letters written to Jocelyn and Randy Valentine concerning the board’s decision not to waive the late/lien fees assessed to their properties. ZHA Welcome information sent to Thomas Andrew and Jeff Parrott. Email received from Allpine Title concerning Release of Judgment on the Joseph Roach property. Cheryl informed me that the attorney filing the judgment with the court must ask for this release. Emailed Erich to have him prepare this but have not heard back from him. Received request from Peter West concerning floor plan of proposed residence. Emailed Mr. West explaining the procedure to start the building process along with the Architectural Guidelines for a residence. Mr. West did not want to send the $250 fee with Form A in for committee review. Received bill from Alamosa County Treasurer for 2012 additional interest owed on Unit 2-Block 39-Lot 46. Called the Treasurer for clarification and found that Richard Treichel had quit-claimed the property over to the ZHA on 4/17/2013, right after the board had declined to take the property in lieu of back taxes. Did some more investigating and found that tax certificates are currently held on this property beginning in 2010 by Brent Thompson and can go to tax sale in August of 2013. Received email inquiry from Frank Novotny concerning three lots he acquired by Treasurer’s Deed on 12/11/12. Legal description on these three lots is: Unit 2, Block 47, Lots 78, 79, 80. Upon further investigation found that these three lots are showing on database as being owned by Dexter Investments and this account is current. Contacted Blair Lockwood DBA Dexter Investments who was astounded that this transfer occurred as he is current on all property taxes owed to Alamosa County. If this is a correct transfer, Dexter will need to be refunded $465 for the payment of its 2013 dues and Novotny will need to be billed. Blair will continue investigation and inform me when complete. Prepared voting database for 2013 Annual Meeting registration.

Cindy stated that Erich has gotten back with her and would file the Release of Judgment with the courts concerning the Roach matter. Wayne also updated board members concerning item #7. It appears that the address for Dexter Investments was never changed when Blair and Lindsay Lockwood moved about five years ago so they had not been receiving or paying the property taxes on the above mentioned lots. Mr. Lockwood thought he had been paying the property taxes on these lots along with another tract but he had not. Therefore, this allowed Frank and Ellen Novotny to acquire the tax certificates and then have a Treasurer’s Deed issued to them in December of 2012. Cindy will issue a refund check to Dexter Investments for their 2013 dues and issue an invoice to the Novotnys for the 2013 dues.

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that she had nothing to report for this month. Jack Zeman stated that he had visited the Alamosa County Land Use Office concerning the Ferguson building project. Jack was informed that Mr. Ferguson had not contacted Land Use for any inspections. Anna Dvorak volunteered to speak to Mr. Ferguson when she arrives in August and report back to the board.

Communication: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that she had been contacted by Lisa Benevidas concerning the Neighborhood Watch Program and Lisa informed Tyra that Leroy Chacon is the person in charge of this program for Alamosa County. Tyra will follow up with Mr. Chacon.

Tyra also reported that she had been in email correspondence with Shane concerning the formatting of the ZHA web page. John Barnes will be working with Shane to try and simplify how the web page works.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross stated that the financial status of the ZHA is very sound and the budget expenditures are looking good for being six months into the year. Fire mitigation was discussed as there may need to be a budget amendment or special fund established for some mitigation work in the fall.

Wayne also reported that he will have the license plate camera installed at the front gate prior to the Annual Meeting in August.

Fire: Co-Chairman Jack Zeman stated that he had been notified of campers on the Barbara Parker property near the front entrance who had an open camp fire. Jack spoke with Craig Worthy who is Ms. Parker’s son concerning this matter. Worthy had been doing some fire mitigation on the property and Jack noticed the open camp fire. The meeting did not go well as Worthy did not appreciate someone telling him what he could do on his property. Upon leaving, Jack called the Sheriff but Worthy left the property about 20 minutes before the Deputy arrived. The Deputy reported that Worthy had put out the fire but that he would issue a warning to Barbara Parker concerning the open camp fire as there was a county-wide fire ban in place at the time of this occurrence not to mention a complete camp fire ban on the subdivision at all times.

• Fire Mitigation Resource Southwest Conservation Corps:  Jack

stated that he had contacted this group and they will have crews available August through October as Jack had just submitted a grant proposal request for matching 50/50 funds through the CO State Forest Service for continued fire mitigation on the subdivision. He had received word that his grant request had been received and was being processed. Jack did discover that this grant money is available to everyone in the state with funding for projects up to $2 million in size. Jack’s submittal was for $40,000 with a 50/50 match. There are funds of $5000 for fire mitigation already in the 2013 budget which could be used to hire the Corps crew. Jack stated that he felt Tract F greenbelt would be the first place to start as this is where the most lightning strikes occur. Tract E would be next as this tract is mainly brush with Tract G being next to mitigate. If grant funds are obtained, Jack feels that all three could be cleared by this crew. The crew would saw and stack wood and the Association would have to remove the wood and slash. Discussion followed as to other areas of concern on the subdivision for fire mitigation to be done. Jack explained that he is thinking of the logistics of managing this crew and that is why he has keyed in on these three greenbelts as well as being able to get the most work done for the dollars spent. Another reason Jack thinks the greenbelts should be cleared first is to work on fuel breaks in case a fire should start.

A Special Fund Reserve form was created by Jack for board review. The thought would be to re-allocate the existing $5000 from the front entrance mitigation to greenbelt fire mitigation. Jack estimates it would take $20,000-$25,000 to haul slash to the burn pit from the mitigation work. Discussion followed about organizing volunteer work crews from the subdivision to help reduce costs. It was decided to have Jack and Wayne put together a presentation to present at the August Annual Meeting.

Wayne Ross moved to present a fire mitigation plan with cost

analysis and funding options to the membership at the August Annual Meeting. If grant funding is not obtained, other options will be explored. Jim Jones seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

•Fire Siren Update:  Jack stated that some progress has been made.

He has been in contact with the State Engineer and Dale Myers of Digitcom Electronics Inc. to upgrade the fire siren radio. The state cannot deal with a private entity and that is why Digitcom has been brought in. There will need to be a contract between the state and some entity, which Jack stated would be Mosca/Hooper Volunteer Fire Department. The license will need to be renewed for the radio ban and transfer of ownership. Jack is hopeful this will be done within the next month. Included in the board packets for this meeting were two price quotes from Digitcom. One is for $1,974.00 and the other for $3,677.65. The final price will depend on which tower in the Alamosa area the radio package is installed.

Discussion was also held on identifying at least one more escape route off of the subdivision should a fire break out. Areas have been located and options explored. Some of these routes would need to go between private property boundaries. These property owners will be contacted to see if they would be in agreement before this can be finalized.


•3rd Reading:  Revision of Policy 029.01 Zapata Zephyr Newsletter & Website:

Tyra Barnes moved to accept the third reading of Policy 029.01.

Anna seconded. Wayne Ross, Tyra Barnes, Jim Jones and Anna Dvorak voted in person in favor. Erin Smith voted via email prior to the meeting in favor. The motion carried.

Physical Improvements and Maintenance:

•Caretaker Position:  The posting of the Caretaker Job Description

and Announcement of this position have been posted to the website. This will also be announced at the Annual Meeting for member input. The hiring process will be reviewed, an application drawn up, and interviews conducted. Jack will look into an application form and applications can be submitted either to Erin Smith or Cindy Chapman. A decision will most likely be reached at the August board meeting.

•One-Way Signage:  Jack is still working on this item.

Water: Chairman Jim Jones stated that the Upper Lake Dam punch list items have been completed and the only thing left is for the State Engineer to sign off on the repairs so that the lake can be filled. Jim again expressed his frustration with the fact that this has taken entirely too much time to finalize.

Jack informed board members that the 2013 Augmentation should be completed within the next week.

Welcome: Chairman Anna Dvorak stated that she has been asked about giving Welcome Packets to renters on the subdivision so that they are aware of governance and other information the same as a new property owner. Anna is looking into this. Cindy also stated that she had sent out two Welcome Packets to new owners in the last month.

Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the board at this meeting.

New Business:

•Treichel Quit Claim Deed Unit 2-Block 39-Lot 46:  Cindy made the

board aware that this lot had been quit-claimed over to the ZHA on 4/17/2013, shortly after the board had declined Mr. Treichel’s offer to quit-claim the lot over to the ZHA in lieu on back dues. Cindy had received a bill from the Alamosa County Treasurer in the amount of $56.75 for additional interest/advertising costs/etc. on this lot as there are tax certificates that have been issued on this property. To claim this property, the ZHA would have to pay the $56.75 as well as all of the back taxes and interest. A Treasurer’s Deed can be issued after August of 2013 to the holder of the tax certificates.

Wayne Ross moved to let Unit 2-Block 39-Lot 46 go to Treasurer’s

Deed. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Action Items


Assigned To

Due Date


Discuss Building Project with John Ferguson




Fire Mitigation Presentation at Annual Meeting




Caretaker Application Form



20-Minute Open Forum:

Jim Jones: Reminded the board that the picnic tables where the Annual Meeting is to be held need to be replaced as a tree smashed the old ones when it came down last year. It was decided to bring in tables from property owners to use or look into replacement tables. The meeting area will be cleaned up prior to the Annual Meeting.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, August 16, 2013, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.

Tyra Barnes, Secretary