Board of Directors Meeting

May 15, 2015 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm MOSCA COMMUNITY BUILDING AgendaMinutes ZAPATA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Meeting May 15, 2015

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, May 15, 2015, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes, John White and Troy Campbell. Member Anna Dvorak attended the meeting via phone. Member Wayne Ross was absent but prior to the meeting gave his proxy to Erin Smith for voting purposes during the meeting. Administrator Cindy Chapman was present along with the following property owners: Joe Funk, Bob and Joyce Ausberger and Jim Ausberger.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as published.

Approval of Minutes from February 20, 2015: Erin Smith moved to approve the February 20, 2015, minutes as presented. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: The check detail included checks written in March, April and May, 2015. Erin Smith moved to approve the bills as presented. John White seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman provided the following list of her activities from March-May 2015:

MARCH 2015

Formatted letter to George and Peggy Freeman and forwarded on to Tyra for signatures and mailing. Responded to an email received from Bob Kirkham inquiring about three lots on the subdivision they might be interested in purchasing and if dues are current. Updated address list for Jack Zeman for aspen tree mitigation letter. Sent updated 2015 Mission Statement/Strategic Plan to Terri for posting on the website. Provided information on PO Box replacement key to Blair Lockwood. Emailed February 2015 financials to Wayne Ross for his review. Reconciled accounts with Carlton Collections for February 2015. Emailed Covenants Conviction Letter information to O & V Printing to print. John White picked up and with his team of volunteers, assembled the mailing and mailed out to the membership. Sent letters to owners with lots having aspen regeneration concerns to ask for their inclusion in the upcoming forest management plan seeking permission to go onto their property to harvest mature aspen.

APRIL 2015

Forwarded aspen regeneration letter drafted by Tyra Barnes on to board members for their review and input. Emailed information of lots currently owned by Peter Bekius concerning yearly dues, status of account, when dues are billed, etc. Payment requests received from Margaret Chain and De’Luce. I gave them approval contingent on a vote being taken at the May board meeting. Also received a late payment request from Rick Silvers. They will pay their dues in full in May. This request was granted. Emailed Jim Ausberger Covenants Conviction Letter materials for his review. March 2015 financials emailed to Wayne Ross for his review. Reconciled April 2015 accounts with Carlton Collections. Fielded numerous calls concerning conviction letter mailing from concerned property owners. Received numerous change of ownership/address information from property owners. Provided ownership status information to Allpine Title concerning property to be sold by John Stump, Unit 2-Block 6-Lots 2 and 3. Closing date is set for 5/29/2015.

MAY 2015

Notified property owners amounts for reimbursing ZHA for pheromone pouches. Emailed Jack Zeman notification of termination of substation facilities from TNC concerning fire truck. April 2015 financials emailed to Wayne Ross for his review. Tabulated results from postcards received concerning conviction letter. To date 415 votes received: 378 in favor and 37 against support amending the existing Covenants. 925 total votes available; 51% total would be 472. 20 new liens prepared for filing for delinquent dues not paid by 4/30/2015. 80 liens are now on file with the County Clerk for delinquent property owners. April reconciliation completed with Carlton Collections.

Caretaker’s Report: Caretaker Jack Zeman presented a list of his activities for March-May 2015:

MARCH 2015

March 16 – Check Culverts for debris. March 17 – Pipeline Check March 21 – Pipeline Check and Upper Lake Shunt March 24 – Check Hydrant on Indian Hill, Install chain on E entrances, Escape Route with Joe March 26 – Cutting limbs on BLM for exit March 28 – Pipeline Check March 30 – Walk South Boundary fence with Wayne and Higher Ground Fence March 31 – Meet with Leon Montoya from BLM to examine south escape route

APRIL 2015

April 2 – Clear downed Cottonwood on Mill Run and South Zapata Creek April 4 – Flag greenbelts U, G and AA for mapping April 7 – Mapping U, G and AA with Sam Scavo, CSFS April 8 – MCH Doug fir pouches arrive April 10 – Deploy fir pouches on G and California Circle April 13 – Pouches on East Zapata Place Check Pipeline April 15 – Pouches on Hampton and F April 16 – Pouches on Big Bear and F, Grading and Rolling April 17 – Grading and Rolling April 20 – Grading and Rolling April 21 – Pouches on South Taos and F April 22 – Pouches Jim Jones and G April 23 – Pouches Jody DeJong April 25 – Pouches at Mike Makofske and G, flag beetle kill South Taos and F April 28 – Meet with Haggai in aspen areas, pouches on Jocelyn Russell property April 29 – Identify aspen boundaries April 30 – Aspen boundaries, Check Pipeline, Mark beetle fir with Sam at Mike Makofske and S Taos areas

MAY 2015

May 1 – Walk Wayne’s aspen with Haggai May 2 – Flag beetle kill areas for mapping, meet Sam Scavo, CSFS and CSU Students, Check Augmentation site, examine aspen being cut by Haggai May 4 – Check water from pipeline, observe aspen cutting, Map beetle kill with Sam Scavo May 5 – Check water May 7 – Front gate not working, check and call Theldon Smith, Check aspen cutting, clean out shunt to upper lake May 8 – Check water, Check on cutting down Doug Fir with beetle kill

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Jack Zeman reported for Chairman Tyra Barnes that the committee had approved a garage for Michael Makofske, a shed for Joe Funk and received confirmation that George Freeman had received the letter concerning the storage shed that George had moved without Board approval. George seemed okay with the action taken by the board to dismantle and remove the shed and move fire equipment to a storage shed offered by Wayne Ross.

Communication: Chairman Anna Dvorak stated that a newsletter will be put together and mailed out with the Annual Meeting notice in July. Anna requested that any articles be submitted to her within the next few days so that she can assemble into a final newsletter prior to the June 19th board meeting.

Fees & Budget: Cindy gave a brief report sent from Wayne concerning the ZHA financial status. As of today’s date, 92% of the dues budgeted have been collected. The only item over budget at this point is for snow removal which is approximately $1,000.00 over budget. There have been no major expenditures recorded through April for grading or fire mitigation and the majority of the expenditures through April have been administrative expenses including property taxes, deadwood removal and snow removal. Total expenditures through April of $21,920.00 versus the 2015 budget of $148,210.00.


Update and New Emergency Exits: Cutting and rolling the path has been completed. Joe Funk cut the road through Erin’s property, through BLM property and all the way to Highway 150. Everything looks to be in great shape. Talk has started on the north evacuation route. Aspen Regeneration Progress Report: Haggai Logging Company has been on the subdivision for about a week. Cutting is being done on California Circle Loop and Mill Run by Greenbelt U. One skidder has been here a couple of days with another due to arrive shortly. The aspen harvested are being sorted by type of wood and what the use will be. Most of the aspen being harvested have heart rot of a ratio of five out of every six trees. This is not normal and the ratio is usually 1 tree with heart rot to six harvested so the economics may not be as thought. This will still be a viable operation if a large percentage can still be used for lumber. The mill is pleased with what they have seen so far and what cannot be milled will make good fire wood. Hazardous trees are being cut but healthier, smaller trees are being left in place for regeneration. Heart rot is a bacterial infection and spreads from tree to tree and the hope is that the younger trees will not have this bacteria. Sean Keller on California Circle and Wayne Ross along Mill Run have agreed to be included in this harvest. Lucinda Noakes above Greenbelt G and Rocky Cochrane have agreed to be included as well. In order to move this project along, an email vote was taken with Wayne, Tyra, John and Anna in favor. No response was received from Erin or Troy.

Anna Dvorak moved to formally approve the aspen regeneration project. John White seconded with Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes, John White, Anna Dvorak and Wayne Ross by proxy voting in favor. Troy Campbell voted against. Motion carried.

Aspen Regeneration/Fire Mitigation Letter: As the aspen regeneration project has begun, John White felt it was a moot point to mail a letter to the membership. It was decided to put an article in the upcoming newsletter informing the community of what has been happening and progress made. 31 Beetle Kill Trees Removed: Jack reported that new trees infested with beetles had been found in new areas while putting out pouches. Most of these are in the Big Bear/California Circle area. Thirteen Douglas fir have been found with beetles and will be taken out by the loggers. A pocket of 18 Douglas fir trees were found in Greenbelt F/South Taos Place area and will be removed as well by the loggers. Jack stated that these areas have been ringed with pouches to protect other trees in the vicinity. John stated that while at the Upper Lake yesterday, looking downhill to the west on BLM property he had spotted a large area of dead trees and asked if the BLM is doing any mitigation work on this problem. Jack stated that Adam Moore is trying to work proactively with the BLM for a winter harvest but there are no funds available so nothing has progressed. Adam is still working on trying to reach some solution with the BLM on this problem. The terrain is a big problem in trying to reach most of these infected trees. Pheromone Pouch Deployment: Jack stated that all Douglas fir pouches have been deployed and work has started on the Ponderosa pouches. Greenbelts E and F will be done within the next week. North Zapata Creek Mitigation: In the 2015 budget, $15,000.00 was budgeted to mitigate wood along the power lines below Hampton Run to the bubblers left by the original contractors of the power lines during installation. This mitigation work will be done at the end of the aspen harvest by Haggai. TNC Termination of Substation Facilities: Notification of termination of substation facilities was received from TNC as the fire truck housed in their building is now out of commission. Mosca/Hooper Fire Chief Blain Witherspoon has assured Jack that the subdivision will still receive excellent protection by his department as in the past. One clarification from ISO seems to be that the ISO rating is based on the number of hydrants in an area to cover a fire and not necessarily having a firehouse nearby. An action item for the Fire Committee will be to try and resolve ISO issues so that property owners can obtain insurance coverage on their homes.


2nd Reading – Policy #014.010 Budget Process Revision: Wording was reviewed and the document will be prepared for the third reading at the June board meeting. 2nd Reading – Policy #030.010 Camping Revision: Revisions from 1st reading were noted and document will be prepared for the third reading at the June board meeting. 2nd Reading – Policy #032.00 Vehicles on Greenbelts: Property owner Joe Funk requested that the committee include wording in this policy to accommodate greenbelt access for disabled/handicapped property owners. The Governance Committee will meet prior to the June board meeting and third reading to include wording to accommodate such individuals. Report on Covenants Revision Postcards Received: Cindy reported that 415 votes have been received; 37 against, 378 in favor. Total votes available are 925 and 51% would be 472, so this is a good response. Discussion was held and Anna proposed dividing up a telephone list of property owners who did not respond and contact them by phone. Cindy will compile a database of property owners and phone numbers for the board.

Physical Improvements and Maintenance: Jack reported that the roads had been graded and rolled at the end of April and most are in good shape for this time of year.

South Zapata BLM Boundary Fence Repair: Jack and Wayne recently walked the south boundary of the subdivision along Highway 150 and determined that maintenance work needs to be done on the boundary fence. Just above Dan Curtis’ to Erin’s property, most of the fence is down and rotted. No repairs will be made to the portion of fence that is not part of the ZHA boundary. The northern boundary fence is in good shape with no needed repair. Jack obtained two quotes from Higher Ground Fence and Excavation out of Center, CO. One quote in the amount of $6,500.00 would be to rehab the existing fence line on the lower south boundary. Approximately 1.25 miles from highway fence up to Lots 51 and 52 boundary. Rehab will include new pipe braces where needed, new steel posts as needed, wood stays as needed, generally tighten and mend broken wires or replace old wire where needed. A new pipe gate with new braces will be installed on new emergency exit road. The other quote in the amount of $11,286.00 would be for approximately ¾ mile (3960 feet) of new fence. This will be a 3-strand barbwire fence with welded pipe braces and two wood stays between each T-post. Minimal clearing will be done for fence line. This will be to insure staying on boundary line and also reduce maintenance in the future. Wayne’s recommendation would be to do the $6,500.00 rehab portion working it into this year’s budget. John feels this should be a multi-year project beginning with the 2016 budget so that budgeted items for 2015 do not get shorted. He also suggested installing gating and just enough fencing to act as a deterrent. Erin stated that she wants her property protected and to insure that the exit on/off her property is used only for emergency purposes. It was decided to have the Fees & Budget Committee include the rehab costs in the 2016 budget and then discuss replacement fence costs later.


Pipeline Repair: The necessary repairs have been completed and a meter has been added for measuring water. John completed a water tour with Bob Schultz with a discussion on opening the water decree. The ZHA is still waiting on a summary judgment from the water judge concerning the designated commercial water on the subdivision. Bob shared some of his thoughts on this subject with John. Augmentation Site: John also looked over the augmentation site on Blanca Place. Jack will install the meter to begin measuring water as he removed it for the winter so that it would not freeze.

A letter was drafted by the Water Committee to send to TNC concerning the pipeline repairs, but the repairs were made before the letter was sent. Jack stated that he will order fish for both lakes.

Welcome: A welcome letter packet was sent to new owner Robert Magro.

Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the board for this meeting.

New Business:

Lot Consolidation Request from Brent and Lori Ybarrondo – Unit 2, Block 39, Tracts 1-3 and Lot 35 for a total combined tract of 8.67 acres. Erin Smith moved to approve the lot consolidation request by Brent and Lori Ybarrondo. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Dues Payment Request De’Luce Inc.: Jackie Flores submitted a payment plan request for De’Luce Inc. De’Luce will pay $635.00 immediately with $300.00 per months following until their account is paid in full. Erin Smith moved to approve the dues payment request from De’Luce Inc. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Dues Payment Request Margaret Chain: Margaret Chain requested a payment plan of $155 per month until her dues are paid in full. Cindy stated that she had informed Ms. Chain that this plan must be strictly followed as she had not followed the agreement made last year and had waited until the very end of the year to pay her dues in full. Erin Smith moved to approve the dues payment request from Margaret Chain as per the agreement made with Administrator Cindy Chapman and policy guidelines. John White seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


DATE ACTION ASSIGNED TO DUE DATE 10/18/2013 Organize Volunteer Work Days Tyra and Nancy Starling Ross ON-GOING 11/21/2014 Homeowner Insurance Coverage Issue Jack Zeman 8/1/2015 2/20/2015 Draft Exhibit to J & J Construction Agreement Jack ASAP 5/15/2015 Newsletter Articles Board Members ASAP 5/15/2015 Phone List for Board Cindy ASAP

20-Minute Open Forum: Jim Ausberger made comments on the fencing issue and problems he is having with the website. Anna will look into the website issues for Jim.

John White stated that he is having a problem with the meetings not being held regularly and taking votes via email. He would like to see both of these issues revisited.

Executive Session: Administrator’s Anniversary/Job Evaluation: The Board went into Executive Session for personnel discussion and the Administrator’s annual job evaluation. Cindy Chapman left the room for this discussion.

Return to Regular Session: The Board returned to regular session and Mrs. Chapman returned to the room. Erin Smith moved to increase the Administrator’s salary from $1850.00/month to $1896.25/month for a yearly salary of $22,755.00 (this will be a 2.5% increase). Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Cindy was thanked for her job performance over the past year. She will also start working on an Administrator’s Handbook to help with the transition when she decides to retire.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, June 19, 2015, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.