Board of Directors Meeting


Board of Directors Meeting

August 16, 2013

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, August 16, 2013, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes and Anna Dvorak. Treasurer Wayne Ross was absent but prior to the meeting gave his proxy to Erin Smith for voting purposes for this meeting. Administrator Cindy Chapman was also present. There were no property owners in attendance.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as published.

Approval of Minutes from July 19, 2013: Tyra Barnes moved to approve the July 19, 2013, minutes as presented. Erin Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Minutes from August 3, 2013 Annual Meeting: Erin Smith moved to approve the August 3, 2013, Annual Meeting minutes as presented. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Administrator Cindy Chapman asked that the following checks be included for approval at this meeting: Check

2436 to Digitcom Electronics in the amount of $277.44. This was for

Dale Myers from Digitcom to pick up fire siren radio as well as mileage and travel charges to/from the subdivision. Check #2437 to Jack Zeman in the amount of $81.30 for two wrong-way signs to be posted at the entrance to the subdivision.

Erin Smith moved to approve the bills as presented with the

inclusion of the two additional checks mentioned above. Anna Dvorak seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman provided the following list of her activities for the last month:

Reply to Peter West concerning amount due on two lots: Unit 1, Block 1, Lots 2-3. Sent Mike Farrell’s website registration problems on to Shane/Jack/Tyra for resolution. Forwarded 2012 Financial Review questions from Martinez & Associates on to Wayne Ross for input and answers. Lot consolidation questions answered for Brenda Penser. Invoice sent to Ellen and Frank Novotny as new owners of Unit 2, Block 47, Lots 78-80. Reimbursement check prepared for Dexter Investments for their payment of 2013 dues on lots they no longer own. July month-end financials emailed to Wayne Ross for his review. 12/31/2012 Financials emailed to Jennifer Baker from Insurance One for renewal of D & O Policy. Updated Fire Committee member database emailed out to committee members. 2012 Financial Review documents forwarded on to Wayne Ross and Jack Zeman for their review and input. Received Form A from Jeff Parrott and Jeff Jacob for house construction on Unit 1, Block 16, Lot 7. Two lien releases prepared for board signatures and filing: John White and Russ Binicki. Emailed lot consolidation to Blair Lockwood to begin consolidation of his 5 lots. Consolidation request letter to follow after purchase of three lots is completed.

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that Jeff Parrott and Jeff Jacob had recently submitted an application to build on Unit 1, Block 16, Lot 7. Tyra also stated that John Barnes had recently visited the building site of John Ferguson. John stated that Ferguson was not there; both trailers have been removed as well as all piping and tubing. There was no sign of construction activity. It was decided to have Erin Smith write a letter to Mary Williams, the sister of John Ferguson and new owner of this property, to seek information on what construction, if any, will occur prior to the variance expiring in January, 2014.

Communication: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that George Freeman had given her some suggestions on the subdivision road signs which she will pass on to the Fire and Physical Improvements Committee chairmen.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross was absent. The 2014 budget preparation was discussed. Cindy will update the budget worksheets and send out to committee chairmen for their review and to begin the budget process.


•Fire Mitigation Resource Southwest Conservation Corps:

Co-Chairman Jack Zeman stated that he contacted the SWCC Salida office and was informed there would be no fall crews available for fire mitigation work so Jack tentatively put the ZHA on their spring schedule. The grant application that Jack submitted in August was denied. There is still $10,000 (50/50 split with CO State Forest Service) in grant monies on this year’s budget for the entrance clean up that could still be completed this year. Anna stated that she would like the board to be more proactive in gathering a group of volunteers of resident homeowners to work on fire mitigation and to contact those owners who heat their homes exclusively with wood to help with wood removal. Jack will post a notice on the entrance bulletin board addressing this issue.

•Fire Siren:  Jack has not heard back as to which tower will be

used to place the radio. He will inform the board as soon as decision has been made.

•Parker Property Open Fire Violations:  Jack informed members

present that there have been two incidents of open fires on the Barbara Parker property (Unit 3, Block 1, Lot 25) and both involved Ms. Parker’s son, Craig Worth. The first incidence happened on July 5, at which time there was a county-wide fire ban in place. The sheriff’s office was notified but when the deputy arrived, Mr. Worth had left the property. The second occurred on August 2, but the fire ban had been lifted which would make this a civil matter if the board decided to move on this. Jack did take pictures to document the fire evidence. Discussion followed on how best to handle this situation.

Erin Smith moved to write a letter to Barbara Parker concerning

the open fire violations on her property by her son. A $200 fine will also be imposed ($100 each for the July 5 and August 2 open fire violations). Anna Dvorak seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

•Update and New Emergency Exits:  Tyra reported on a meeting held

August 15, 2013 with Andrew Archuleta and Leon Montoya from the BLM. Jack Zeman and Forrest Ketchin were present also. Discussion was held on what the BLM would allow. They seemed quite willing to work with the ZHA on fire escape routes and outlined the protocol to follow. There will be a review process and fee associated with the application process. The exits should be drivable and incorporated into existing routes instead of creating new roads on BLM property. Leon also volunteered to GSP these routes once they are identified. One important note was that the BLM does not own the fence between its land and the subdivision so a gate can be installed at any of the chosen exits.

Governance: Chairman Erin Smith had nothing to report. She will be holding a committee meeting sometime in September to continue reviewing all governing documents of the subdivision and update where needed.

Physical Improvements and Maintenance: Chairman Jack Zeman informed members present that he had spent the last weekend watching the Upper Lake and observed two separate parties drive to the Upper Lake and then walk across the dam to the falls at the irrigation pipe of South Zapata Creek. Because of liability issues, Jack installed a temporary barricade across the dam to stop this access. This is not the first time this has occurred where individuals enter the subdivision looking for Zapata Falls. Discussion was held on how best to prevent this from happening in the future.

Erin Smith moved to place two signs (one at the entrance to the

subdivision and the other at the gate) stating “This Is Not The Entrance To Zapata Falls,” “No Trespassing.” Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

•Caretaker Position:  Prior to discussion on this matter, Jack

Zeman declared he had a conflict of interest and would abstain from voting on this issue. At this time, Jack Zeman is the only applicant for the Caretaker job opening. Discussion followed on the hiring of a Caretaker. Tyra would like to fill this position for one year and then do an assessment to see if this position should stay in place. Comments were made on the lack of interest in property owners volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors or even on a committee.

Anna Dvorak moved to accept the application of Jack Zeman for the

Caretaker position for a one-year period at a salary of $500/month with oversight by the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Caretaker position will be as an Independent Contractor. Tyra Barnes seconded. Erin Smith, Anna Dvorak, Tyra Barnes and Wayne Ross by proxy voted in favor. Motion carried.

Jack also stated that the security camera has been installed at the front gate. There have been 6000 images recorded to date. Some positioning changes need to be made so that the license plate, driver and type of vehicle are more visible.

The wrong-way signs for the front entrance have been ordered and will be installed as soon as they are received.

Water: Jack stated that at last word, all the State Engineer required are Mylars from Crabtree Group for the Upper Lake repairs to be complete.

Welcome: Chairman Anna Dvorak had nothing new to report.

Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the board at this meeting.

New Business:

•Election of Officers/Appointment of Committee Chairmen:

Erin Smith moved to accept the following slate of

Officers/Committee Chairmen for 2013-2014:

Chairman: Jack Zeman/Chairman Water Committee/Co-Chairman Fire Committee

Vice Chairman: Erin Smith/Chairman Governance Committee

Secretary: Tyra Barnes/Chairman Architecture Committee

Treasurer: Wayne Ross/Chairman Fees & Budget Committee/Co-Chairman Fire Committee/Co-Chairman Physical Improvements Committee

Anna Dvorak: Chairman Communications Committee and Welcome Committee/Co-Chairman Physical Improvements Committee

All board members will be members of the Water Committee

Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Action Items



Assigned To

Due Date


Tree Survey with CSFS




Letter to Mary Williams (Ferguson Construction Project)




2014 Budget Worksheets




Letter to Barbara Parker re: Violations




Signs to Post at Entrance and Gate

“This Is Not The Entrance To Zapata Falls.” “No Trespassing”



20-Minute Open Forum: Nothing was discussed.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, September 20, 2013, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.

Tyra Barnes, Secretary