Communications Committee Meeting

November 16, 2013 - 10:00am - 11:00am ZAPATA AgendaMinutes Communications Committee Meeting Report

Saturday, November 16 2013

Committee members present: John Barnes, Tyra Barnes, Anna Dvorak, Jack Zeman

The ZHA Communications Committee met to discuss current Communications priorities for the upcoming year. The main focus of the agenda was to discuss changes to streamline the website.

John Barnes presented several documents outlining pros and cons of three different website language formats. Tyra Barnes presented a two-page document that is a marketing piece directed at HOAs from a website service company, to offer possible solutions to common HOA communication difficulties. Anna Dvorak discussed background research based on informal interviews with website developers and current experience with a working Wordpress site.

All members agreed that based on the information gathered, proceeding with a conversion from our current website to a WordPress-based website is the preferred plan.

Next, the committee focused on several areas of changes and improvements that would help the ZHA communicate with members and the outside community to foster greater understanding, better clarity, transparency and ease of use with navigating the site to find needed information. Committee members discussed areas of the website that were working, needed change or simplification, or would require restricted access or public access. Included were plans to improve the communications feature within the Governance section, to clarify ZHA structure, current operating by-laws, history of covenants and the process for change and adaption of modifying our governing rules and structure.

All members present agreed that a proposed plan of action would be to send out RFPs for bids for convert and develop a new ZHA website in the Wordpress platform.

The committee also discussed ways to improve the timing and posting of Board documents to the website, as well as the timing and delivery of newsletter communications - both by mail and through the website. It was confirmed that we will continue to mail an annual printed newsletter along with the annual meeting notice in July of each year, and post 4 quarterly e-newsletters to the website, as required by our by-laws.

In addition, the committee discussed ways to include more feedback from ZHA members by introducing a new forum area on the new website. They discussed an intent to research the potential to reintroduce e-processing of dues payments online through the website. They also discussed the desire to improve the ability of homeowners to list and market properties for sale, while increasing the ability for interested property buyers to access available properties listings, and make available information from current listing real estate agencies representing ZHA owners.

The committee adjourned with several action items:

  1. To begin the RFP bid process for developing a new Wordpress-based website.
  2. To research the legally required private/restricted vs public access area on the website.
  3. To continue to gather ideas for streamlining the ZHA site for improved communications.

Submitted by Anna Dvorak ZHA Communications Committee Chair