Governance Committee Meeting

May 7, 2014 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm 162 CEDAR RIDGE ROAD. AgendaMinutes The governance committee of the Zapata Homeowners’ Association met at the home of its chairman, Erin Macgillivray Smith, 162 Cedar Ridge Road, at 6:46 p.m. May 7, 2014. Present was the full committee: Erin Smith, John White, Nancy Starling Ross and Tyra Barnes.

Agenda items included fees assessed at the time treasurer’s deeds are applied for and how to assess lots and refinement of the policy on dues assessment and collection.

As to fees assessed at the time of treasurer’s deeds, the committee maintained from the outset that its suggestions were only suggestions to the fees and budget committee and that it should be up to F&B to decide on the issue. As to a different assessment for sub-acre lots, vacant lots and home lots, it was noted that the issue has been raised on a number of occasions and the proper venue for such discussion would be at an annual meeting of the ZHA.

  RE:  the properties up for treasurer’s deed, the committee

suggested making things as simple as possible:

If someone is applying for a deed on a sub-acre or sub-acres, the fees collected could be for the most recent two years OR require payment of 50% of what is due. There was concern expressed about only collecting 2 years of past due fees when someone does not request a treasurer’s deed in a 4 year time period. For lots of more than one acre, it was suggested that four years of fees be collected or 50% of what is due. It also was suggested that a nominal administrative fee be tacked on to those properties for which treasurer’s deeds aren’t requested in the 4-year period. The committee thinks that the ZHA should continue to treat all lots, no matter the development, equally assessment wise as the purpose of a subdivision is to build homes and undeveloped land is benefitting from houses, thus increasing values. It means better roads, etc. The committee also suggested a policy stating the above position, i.e., when people buy a lot, it is with the idea of seeing it built out. The committee emphasized that the general membership has the right to bring up any policy. The committee reviewed the dues assessment and collection Policy #009.03 and believes it satisfies the new HOA statutes. While it recommends a first reading at the May 2014 board meeting, it also recommends that the ZHA attorney Erich Schwiesow review it prior to second reading. Tyra suggested we have a policy, which Erin will write up, regarding the need to remove beetle infested trees, notification to property owners re: such trees and notification that they will be removed if the owner does not do so. This policy also needs to be run by Erich. The proposed policy also should be discussed at the annual meeting. In reviewing policies, the committee also noted the need to cross reference and state the notice requirement under that policy, not just newsletter, regarding items that affect property values, etc. The full membership needs 30 days’ notification before the board decides. Adjourned about 8 p.m. Erin Macgillivray Smith, chairman, May 8, 2014