Board of Directors Meeting


Board of Directors Meeting

May 17, 2013

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, May 17, 2013, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes, and Jim Jones. Anna Dvorak and Wayne Ross were absent. Prior to the meeting, Anna gave her proxy to Tyra Barnes and Wayne gave his proxy to Erin Smith for voting purposes at this meeting. Administrator Cindy Chapman was also present. There were no property owners in attendance.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as published.

Approval of Minutes from April 19, 2013: Erin Smith moved to approve the April 19, 2013, minutes as presented. Tyra Barnes seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Administrator Cindy Chapman requested that two additional checks be included in this month’s bills. Check

2405 to Cooley and Sons in the amount of $4717.00 and Check #2406 to

Alamosa County Clerk in the amount of $264.00.

Erin Smith moved to approve the bills as presented with the

inclusion of checks #2405 and #2406. Jim Jones seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman presented the following list of her activities for the last month:

Email request for lot consolidation information received from Lawrence and Tara Casserly. Informed them of the consolidation process. Letter from them included in this month’s board packets asking for board approval of their consolidation request. A/C approval delivered to Alamosa Land Use Office for porch addition for Libbie Landreth. 2013 Strategic Plan and Mission Statement updated and emailed out for board review prior to May board meeting. Retrieved information on the fire siren for Jack Zeman. Scanned in and sent documentation on fire siren to Jack Zeman to look into what updating may be needed to be compatible with 911 systems in Alamosa County. Payment plan requests received from following: Steve Hokansson, Lisa Breakell, and Margaret Chain. Email vote taken and all payment plans were approved. Received and forwarded registration information on the SLV Code Red alert system to ZHA board members. Contacted Cassandra Martinez concerning the 2012 Financial Review. Engagement letter will follow and review will begin shortly. April month-end financials were reconciled and sent on to Wayne Ross for his review. Prepared 24 liens for signing with a total of $5125.00 in late/lien fees assessed. Obtained ZHA property database from Alamosa County Assessor to cross-check with current ZHA database for any changes in ownership that the ZHA may not be aware of. Prepared Treasurer’s Deed notification letter to Chet Choman of Colorado Mountain Ranches concerning Unit 2, Block 45, Lot 48 @ 1.25 acres. Mr. Choman will be notified that there is $1,013.75 in dues/late/lien/collection fees that will need to be paid prior to the September 3, 2013, redemption date for ZHA to allow this lot to go to Treasurer’s Deed. Reconciled delinquent account information with Carlton Collections for the month of April 2013.

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that the applications received from Libbie Landreth for a porch addition and from John and Tyra Barnes for a garage and well house were approved.

Communication: Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that she is working on the newsletter to be included with the 2013 Annual Meeting notification. Cindy requested that this newsletter draft be circulated to all board members prior to the June board meeting because at that meeting all Annual Meeting documents must be approved and sent immediately to the printer so that distribution can occur within the required timeline.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross was absent. No report.


▪Fire Mitigation Resource Southwest Conservation Corps:  Chairman

Jack Zeman stated that John White had given him information on the Southwest Conservation Corps, a non-profit group which does fire mitigation. This group has worked with both state and bureau entities on different fire mitigation projects. The crew consists of six sawyers that cut and stack wood on projects assigned to them over a two-week period. This cost is $14,000.00. Adam Moore from the State Forest Service has told Jack that he is very pleased with the work they have done. This crew might be good to use to finish up greenbelt access clean up and identification. Two areas of most concern now are from the Richard Blakeslee residence to the John Barnes residence on Moki Court where there have been previous fire strikes and on to the corner of Big Bear and Hampton. Also to create a trail for better fire access from Hampton and Big Bear south of California Circle all the way up to the Elk Meadows greenbelt area. The slash from this work would still have to be dealt with. This group carries their own insurance so there is no liability to the Association. This topic will be put on the agenda for further discussion at the June board meeting.

Erin Smith stated that Adam Moore has volunteered to speak to the members at the August Annual Meeting. Jack will contact Adam as it might be Adam or Jeff Burns who will speak.

▪Fire Siren Update:  Jack stated that Cindy had been able to

locate the paperwork on the purchase of the fire siren which took place in 2006. The State Patrol had recently set the siren off so that someone from the subdivision would call in. The Alamosa County Sheriff is responsible in sending the signal to set the siren off but the Sheriff will no longer support the radio frequency. This signal will now be under the State emergency infrastructure. The FCC license has expired on the siren but Jack has received a form to send to the State Engineer to try and upgrade the siren to be compatible with the necessary frequency. Jack has also contacted Dale Myers out of Monte Vista who has worked with these frequencies and Dale thought it might be as simple as getting a software update to the siren to make it compatible. Jack will continue his investigation and discuss again at the June board meeting.


▪3rd Reading:  Revision of Policy 029.01 Zapata Zephyr Newsletter

& Website: This agenda item was tabled until the June board meeting as all board members were not in attendance. Wayne Ross had sent in his vote by email prior to the meeting but Anna Dvorak had not.

Chairman Erin Smith stated that her committee had met on April 30, 2013, to discuss conflict of interest if a board member where to be hired as Caretaker. Committee members were unanimous that it would be a conflict of interest.

Physical Improvements and Maintenance:

▪Caretaker Position:  Erin stated that perhaps this topic should

be brought to the general membership in August or at least give the board more time to evaluate all of their options. Tyra felt that the Caretaker position would aid in following the Strategic Plan and Mission Statement objectives. Discussion followed with the conclusion being that the position of Caretaker should be created by the board and define the duties of the job later. Jack suggested that the committee formed to define the duties should have each board committee chair along with other interested members.

Erin Smith moved to establish a Caretaker position for the ZHA

subdivision and call a meeting of chairs of each committee and other interested members to work on a job description. Erin will chair this meeting at her Zapata residence sometime before the June 21, 2013, board meeting so a presentation can be given at that meeting. Tyra Barnes seconded. Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes and Jim Jones voted in favor. Tyra Barnes voting Anna Dvorak’s proxy and Erin Smith voting Wayne Ross’ proxy voted in favor. Motion carried.

▪Subdivision Plat Map:  Jack stated that his committee is working

on defining what areas on the subdivision need to be graded. Some areas will require grading each time and other areas only periodically. His committee will also identify the roads where road base needs to be added. Jack is looking into software to use to be able to keep different layers of information on the plat map and will report back on his findings.

There has been some culvert cleaning done below Hampton Run and others will be done as needed. The roads were graded in April and May and will try again early in July.


▪Upper Lake Update:  Jack has not been able to schedule with

Cooley yet to complete the punch list items so that the lake can be completely filled. Right now the lake can be filled up to the point of the outlet invert.

▪ZHA Commercial Well Certification:  Jack stated that Rodney

Smith’s company has tested and passed the commercial well meter at the Lower Lake.

Welcome: Chairman Anna Dvorak was absent, no report.

Old Business:

▪Security Camera:  Wayne Ross requested by email that the board

approve up to $1000.00 to purchase and install a license plate camera at the front gate.

Erin Smith moved to allow Wayne Ross to spend up to $1000.00 to

purchase and install a license plate camera at the front gate. Jim Jones seconded. Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes, and Jim Jones voted in favor. Tyra Barnes voted Anna Dvorak’s proxy and Erin Smith voted Wayne Ross’ proxy in favor. Motion carried.

▪2013 Strategic Plan/Mission Statement:  Discussion was held on

moving around a couple of items on the Directives to Committees. Everyone was in agreement.

Jim Jones moved to accept the 2013 Strategic Plan/Mission

Statement after revisions. Tyra Barnes seconded. Jim Jones, Erin Smith and Tyra Barnes voted in favor. Erin Smith voted Wayne Ross’ proxy and Tyra Barnes voted Anna Dvorak’s proxy in favor. Motion carried.

Cindy will revise the current document; circulate by email for board approval prior to posting on the web.

New Business:

▪Lawrence and Tara Casserly Lot Consolidation Request:  A request

was received from Lawrence and Tara Casserly to consolidate Unit 2, Block 49, Lots 45-47 into a tract size of 1.76 acres.

Erin Smith moved to allow the Casserly Lot Consolidation Request

of Unit 2, Block 49, Lots 45-47 into a tract size of 1.76 acres. Tyra Barnes seconded. Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes, and Jim Jones voted in favor. Tyra Barnes voted Anna Dvorak’s proxy and Erin Smith voted Wayne Ross’ proxy in favor. Motion carried.

Action Items


Assigned To

Due Date


Circulate Newsletter Prior to June Board Meeting




Circulate 2013 Annual Meeting Notice Information Prior to June Board Meeting




Contact State Forest Service Annual Meeting Presentation




Fire Siren Updated




Caretaker Job Description

Committee Chairmen and Other ZHA Members



Front Gate Security Camera Purchase and Installation



20-Minute Open Forum: Nothing discussed.

Executive Session: Administrator’s Anniversary/Job Evaluation: The Board went into Executive Session for personnel discussion and the Administrator’s annual job evaluation. Cindy Chapman left the room for this discussion.

Return to Regular Session: The Board returned to regular session and Mrs. Chapman returned to the room. Erin Smith moved to increase the Administrator’s salary to $21,525.00/year (a 2.5% increase). This would increase her salary/month by $43.75 from $1750.00 to $1793.75. Tyra Barnes seconded. Erin Smith, Tyra Barnes, and Jim Jones voted in favor. Tyra Barnes voted Anna Dvorak’s proxy and Erin Smith voted Wayne Ross’ proxy in favor. Motion carried.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, June 21, 2013, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.

Tyra Barnes, Secretary