Fire Committee Meeting

November 19, 2014 - 10:00am - 12:00pm HOME OF TYRA BARNES AgendaMinutes Zapata Homeowners Association Fire Committee Meeting 10:00 am, Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Committee Members Present: John and Tyra Barnes, Forrest Ketchin, Troy Campbell and Jack Zeman

  1. Beetle Kill Assessment of Effectiveness of Timber Sale and Pheromone Pouches.

Adam Moore hasn’t done the perimeter assessment of the Timber Sale areas to determine how effective the removal of trees and the deployment of pouches were. The Association will have to make a decision before Spring to order more pouches and how many. This has been budgeted for in the 2015 Budget.

  1. Escape Routes Start Work.

A sight line has been cleared along the southern boundary of Erin’s property for establishing an emergency exit that leads to the old Jeep Trail on the BLM. Work should begin soon on establishing that route.

  1. D-Space Application Form and Application Process

A Grant Application for Creating Defensible Space form for members with homes was discussed. No changes were suggested so the form will be presented to the Board for approval. It is unclear if the Program will include undeveloped property where fire mitigation can be done. A clarification will be sought from the DNR.

  1. Green Belt Fire Access, Restrictions and Enforcement

The Governance Committee has met to discuss restricting vehicle access on Greenbelts. The Fire Committee suggested that Fire Fighting Equipment should be included in the list of allowed vehicles. A discussion followed regarding banning ATVs, some members of the committee are concerned that this would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  1. Review 2014 mitigation and timber sale project discuss other options and 2015 projects

The committee reviewed the mitigation projects this summer. Concerns were expressed about the appearance of sights where the Timber Sale occurred. Unfortunately because of the scale of the project and number of trees to be removed, collateral damage did occur. Jack explained that the scope of the work was designed by the CSFS and the logger met all the requirements of the scope of work. All in all Jack said he felt that the logger did a conscientious job and was considerate of the land and forest areas. Future projects will be evaluated for the appropriate methods of work to accomplish the intended project. Although the mastication equipment was economical and more efficient, because of the cobble rock nature of the soil the equipment wasn’t able to mulch wood material into the soils. The mastication did meet CSFS standards for this type of slash treatment.

  1. Fuels Break along Zapata/BLM boundary parallel to South Zapata Creek

It is still hoped that a fuel break along the South Zapata Creek boundary with the BLM can be established. Jack will renew discussions with the BLM Forest Manager and Adam Moore. Forrest Ketchin asked that she be allowed to complete a CMT Survey before any mitigation projects are started.

  1. Higher Ground Fence & Excavation

Jack reported on a meeting he had with a company that does mitigation work and fence installation. They use a smaller class of equipment that might be more surgical, effective and economical than methods we have traditionally used. They are interested in harvesting Cedar Posts from the sub division. They will pay $10 per post they can harvest. The committee agreed that a demonstration project for the company should be developed. The purpose would be to see if the equipment and methods would be economical, effective and less invasive than some of the other methods we have used. A stretch of Big Bear Road between Mill Run and Hampton would be a good area to do.