ZHA Annual Meeting


The Zapata Homeowners Association held its Annual Meeting at 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 2, 2014, at Jim Jones’ property at 214 Big Bear Road. Board members present were: Chairman Jack Zeman, Treasurer Wayne Ross and Secretary Tyra Barnes. Co-Chairman Erin Smith and member Anna Dvorak were absent. Administrator Cindy Chapman was also in attendance. The following property owners attended: Troy Campbell, John Stump, Betty Westbrook, Nancy Starling Ross, Marty Russum and Deb Rice, Jim Jones, Joe Funk, John Clark, Leigh Hinrichsen, John White, Suzanne DeVore, Carole Bieshaar and Virginia Moore. District Forester Adam Moore also was in attendance.


Chairman Jack Zeman opened the meeting and acted as facilitator for the meeting. Jack welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked them for coming. Introductions of current board members in attendance were made. Jack stated that there are four board positions open for election at this meeting. There are two, two-year terms and two, three-year terms.

Jack stated that the main accomplishments of the ZHA over the past year have been:

The current fire committee members have re-established the relationship with Alamosa County Fire Protection District (ACFPD) Board of Directors. An agreement has been made that ACFPD will help with the construction of a practical firehouse building in the future. Having a firehouse on the subdivision will help with obtaining and/or reducing insurance rates. Also Blaine Witherspoon, Mosca/Hooper Fire Chief, is trying to make contract with someone at the state level to help reduce the ISO rating of the area as well. Emergency fire exits off of the subdivision have been located. Recent approval from the BLM have given access for two fire exits off of the subdivision. One on the northern and one on the southern ends of the subdivision. Another emergency exit is being explored with property owners granting easements through their properties onto Highway 150. Growing numbers of dead and dying trees infested with either the mountain pine beetle or Douglas fir beetle initiated a survey being taken to identify the more problem areas. Working in conjunction with Colorado State Forest Service District Forester Adam Moore, these areas were mapped out and a timber sale was arranged. Revision of current policies in place to be in compliance with new state legislation. Most currently the revision of Policy 009.04 – Dues Assessment and Collection.

Jack informed members present that there was major flooding on the subdivision on July 28-29, 2014. The pipeline became plugged at Zapata Falls causing major flooding of South Zapata Creek. The concrete pad crossing of the creek above the Upper Lake was washed out due to this flash flooding. A four foot deep ditch was created by this flooding at the Pine Valley Loop entrance and exit on Lake of the Falls. Cooley happened to be doing grading on the subdivision at that time and sent additional equipment to help mitigate the flood damage. Bob Schultz commended Jack and others involved with this huge project with how quickly these repairs were completed.

Forest Ketchin was also recognized for all of her volunteer time on the beetle kill/fire exits efforts over the past year.



Jack Zeman and Troy Campbell are on the ballot each for a 3-year term on the ZHA Board of Directors. Wayne Ross is on the ballot for a 2-year term. John White volunteered at the meeting to fill the other 2-year term. Troy stated that he would be spending more time on the subdivision and wants to be involved in moving the subdivision forward. He is most interested in the water issues of the subdivision. He is now serving on his homeowners’ association board in Colorado Springs, so is familiar in what the operations of a subdivision involve.

There being no other candidates to come forward for a board

position, Nancy Starling Ross moved to accept the following nominations by acclimation: Jack Zeman and Troy Campbell will each serve a 3-year term, Wayne Ross and John White will each serve a 2-year term. Jim Jones seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Wayne Ross presented suggested months for required board meetings: August (to elect new board officers), September (to begin budget process), November (finalize and approve budget), February, May, June (to finalize Annual Meeting agenda, etc.). With having an Administrator, Caretaker, and active Committees, the purpose of the Board of Directors is changing from actively running the subdivision to more of an administrative position. There has been very little attendance by property owners at the monthly meetings over the past year. The hope is to also invite more participation by property owners to serve on the Board of Directors. Discussion followed with questions on how this would impact how monthly bills would be paid, handling new business items, etc. It was explained that budgeted expenditures would be approved at each meeting, etc. with special meetings being called if necessary. John White felt it might be better to keep the 12 meetings/year and then having the option to cancel meetings. John would like to see a transition period in the reduction of meetings rather than so abruptly. Nancy Starling Ross stated that a number of policies may need to be amended if the number of monthly meetings is reduced per year. Deb Rice stated that she is glad to see that the board is now taking a more proactive rather than reactive approach to matters as they occur on the subdivision. She sees this as positive for the entire community. Nancy stated that the current wording is “shall” not “will” which leaves it more open for a cancellation of a meeting which may be easier than calling a special meeting. John White requested that if any late-comers to the meeting, be allowed to vote as this was on the agenda for 12:15 PM. This will be allowed.


Jack stated that the strategic plan is a list of the goals for the Board to accomplish over a one-year period of time. It also outlines what goals and objectives are to be achieved for individual committees but had not been done in 2014. The strategic plan usually follows the budget line items during a one-year period. Nancy stated that in prior years it had been done just the opposite where the strategic plan is adopted by the board and the budget for the upcoming year follows that plan. Nancy volunteered to facilitate a strategic plan workshop with the board to adopt the strategic plan for 2015.


District Forester Adam Moore began his presentation by commending Jack on all of his hard work going after grants and working with outside agencies for the benefit of the subdivision. Adam then went through a timeline beginning with finishing up of a grant first received in 2011. Adam was called in to look at the tree situation on Troy Campbell’s property. Beetle problems came to the forefront with Adam meeting with a group of property owners to begin working on mapping out the areas most affected with infected or dead trees. It took quite a while finding a logger who would come in and log the dead and/or infected trees. As members could see, quite a lot of activity has occurred on the subdivision recently with the logging operations soon to be completed and with the Southwest Conservation Corps finishing up the first of two visits to the subdivision. Pheromone pouches have been purchased and put on healthy trees that tell the beetles that the tree is full and to fly on.

As mentioned earlier, the logging operation will soon be finished with no cost to the Association. The slash will be combined into three major areas previously chosen and that slash is available to property owners to harvest.

The Southwest Conservation Corps have mitigated a 40’ swath on Greenbelt E. The Corps will return later in the summer for further mitigation on Greenbelt F.

Jack also mentioned that on BLM property on the south corner of Mill Run to California Circle along South Zapata Creek there are a number of dead Douglas fir and White Fir. The De Jong home is the closest to this affected area. Jack stated that the ZHA is continuing working with BLM to create a fire break in this area on BLM property so that should a fire break out, it will reduce the possibility of coming onto the subdivision.

Adam encouraged any property owner doing fire mitigation on their property, to keep their receipts as the state is offering a tax break on these expenses. Adam had handouts on guidelines for fire mitigation for individual property owners.

The logging company doing the Timber Sale on the subdivision has a mastication machine that can mulch slash instead of having the expense of moving the slash to the burn pit. This machine can masticate dead standing and/or downed trees. This will change the flames during a fire from tall flames to lower burning flames. The mastication charges on the service road on Greenbelt E would run around $3600.00. It would cost more to have the slash moved to the burn pit. The burn pit can also be masticated for around the same cost as burning, which could be done at any time without having to wait for snow cover.

Information was given on the western spruce budworm that has been spotted on the subdivision. Evidence of this can be seen with the needles of the trees looking dull. The worm eats the new growth of already stressed trees and could ultimately kill the trees.


There were 201 eligible votes, either by proxy or being present at the meeting, which meets the 25% quorum requirement. 160 voted in favor, 35 voted against, 6 abstained.

Discussion followed with Jack informing members of the recent $27,500.00 grant received through the Department of Natural Resources for wildfire risk reduction. This grant money will be used for continued mitigation work on Greenbelts E and F. A document is also being drafted by the board entitled “ZHA Procedures for Grant Application Matching Proceeds for Creation of Defensible Space Around Homes and Structures Based on Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) Guidelines Homeowners Projects.” The amount of these grants per home site is limited to $2500.00 and is a 50/50 matching grant is contingent on the granting of matching funds from the Colorado DNR recently submitted to the State.


Fire: Covered in the above presentation.

Architecture: Committee Chairman Tyra Barnes reported the following building projects over the past year: Libbie Landreth porch addition; Marc Cirrincione foundation completed and framing of his residence has begun and Jeff Parrott and Jeff Jacobs home is nearing completion.

Communication: Chairman Anna Dvorak was absent. Website issues are being addressed with changes coming in the near future and the re-instatement of the Zapata Zephyr.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross stated that dues collection for 2014 is at 99%. The projected loss of $43,000.00 should be less with the recent receipt of the $27,500.00 grant. Operating and Replacement Reserve funds have been established. Wayne is hoping for a breakeven budget in 2015.

At this time, members were encouraged and reminded to track any volunteer hours concerning fire mitigation, as these hours can be reimbursed back to the Association.

Suzanne DeVore stated that she and her husband, Mark Seaton, did a highway clean up between mile markers 12-14 on Highway 150 (which has been adopted by the ZHA). The notice for this year’s clean up came too late to properly notify members, so she will try to get that notification out earlier next year.

Governance: In the absence of Chairman Erin Smith, Nancy Starling Ross presented the activities of the Governance Committee over the past year. Policy 0021.01 was revised to address trading land owned by the ZHA for services rendered. Due to new legislation enacted in 2014, a review was done and Policy 009.04 concerning dues assessment and collection was revised. Other policies were reviewed with the conclusion that all the necessary policies are in place. The committee also reviewed the issue around Treasurer’s Deeds and sent suggestions on to the Fees & Budget Committee to decide how best to handle this issue. As to a different assessment for sub-acre lots, vacant lots and home lots, it was noted that the issue has been raised on a number of occasions. The committee thinks that the ZHA should continue to treat all lots, no matter the development, equally assessment-wise. Another issue that may require policy is around the removal of beetle infested trees, notification to property owners that trees need to be removed, either by the property owner or the ZHA.

Physical Improvements: Chairman Jack Zeman stated that the main purpose of the Association is to maintain the roads. There are a few culverts that will need to be replaced in the near future. Also Jack noted that the posts on the right side of the entrance sign are rotting and will need to be replaced.

Water: Chairman Jim Jones recently retired from the Board of Directors. Jim is quite pleased with all of the rain this summer. The dam repairs have been completed at the Upper Lake and fish have been stocked in both lakes. By summer’s end, a declaration will be completed that the dam repairs have been successful and the dam will be turned over to ZHA control. The only requirement will be a bi-annual exam by the state engineer that repairs are working successfully. The Blanca Place augmentation site has been re-engineered and is working perfectly. The ZHA is still awaiting a summary judgment from the District Court Water Judge concerning the allocation of Commercial water by use instead of by acres.

Discussion and information given out to members concerning the recent flooding on the subdivision and all mitigation work done.

Welcome: Chairman Anna Dvorak was absent. Jack informed members that a formalized Welcome packet has been completed with information for all new property owners of the subdivision.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned for members to enjoy a potluck luncheon.

Tyra Barnes, Secretary