Board of Directors Meeting

March 21, 2014 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm MOSCA COMMUNITY BUILDING AgendaMinutes ZAPATA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Meeting March 21, 2014 Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, March 21, 2014, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Erin Smith, Wayne Ross and Jim Jones. Anna Dvorak arrived late and her entry will be noted later in the minutes. Tyra Barnes was absent but prior to the meeting, gave her proxy to Erin Smith for voting purposes at this meeting. Administrator Cindy Chapman was also present along with the following property owners: Betty Westbrook and Joe Funk.

Approval of the Agenda: Property owner Betty Westbrook asked for a discussion on Policy 028.00. This discussion will be placed under Governance. The agenda was approved with the addition of the above mentioned discussion.

Approval of Minutes from February 21, 2014: Erin Smith moved to approve the February 21, 2014, minutes as presented. Wayne Ross seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Erin Smith moved to approve the bills as presented. Wayne Ross seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman provided the following list of her activities for the last month:

Notified Betty Westbrook of the Board’s decision not to accept her offer of settlement on the Treasurer’s Deed on Unit 2-Block 40-Lot 4 to be issued on 3/17/2014. She paid the full amount owed on 3/3/2014. Lien Release prepared for Unit 2-Block 40, Lots 4, 11 and 12, Rafael & Viana Lara. Received letter from Water Division III concerning the installation of an appropriate head gate at the diversion point known as Blanca Place. Scanned in and emailed to Jack Zeman for his review. Provided further information on property owners surrounding greenbelt Tract F. Phone discussion with Juanita Ryan of Eastside Ranch concerning delinquent dues on her sub-acre lot Unit 2-Block 45-Lot 3 @ .85 acres and what possibilities she would have to rid herself of this lot. Phone discussion with Jeff Obermiller concerning dues owed on his jointly-owned sub-acre lot with Scott Foncannon Unit 1-Block 19-Lot 9 @ .82 acres in size and what possibilities they would have to rid themselves of this lot. February month-end financials along with 2013 tax return emailed to Wayne Ross for this review. February month-end collections reconciled with The Carlton Company. Notified by Blair Lockwood on the completed consolidation of lots in Unit 2-Block 47-Lots 78-82 into Tract 78C consisting of 5.08 acres. 2014 DORA registration renewal completed. Cindy also informed those present that she had just posted the 2014 Fishing License in the “Members Only” section on the website.

Board member Anna Dvorak entered the meeting at this time.

Caretaker’s Report: Caretaker Jack Zeman presented a list of his activities for the last month:

February 24 – Survey infestation on north of subdivision February 25 – Survey south Zapata creek bed mill run to Hampton February 26 – Survey Tract F at Hampton and tract AA February 27 – Mark Boundaries on AA and G, flag trees February 28 – Survey east of F March 2 – Plow snow March 11 – contact Darius Allen for Commissioner Letter of Support for grants March 13 – DNR WRRG submitted for $27,500 March 17 – CSFS Fuels Reduction grant submitted for $27,500 March 18 – Mitigation Caution signs installed Total Hours Plowing 4.5 Jack stated that most of his time over the past month has been in preparing for the upcoming Timber Sale and surveying beetle kill locations. He also submitted applications for two grants totaling $55,000 with each having a 50-50 match.

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Chairman Tyra Barnes was absent and there was no report.

Communication: Chairman Anna Dvorak stated that she has been in discussion with Shane concerning the re-working of the current website instead of starting all over developing a new website. Shane has been most helpful and has agreed to help Anna with the changes.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross stated that dues collections are on track with 2013. Fire mitigation and insurance costs are over budget for the year, but all other budget categories are well under budget. Wayne will hold a meeting with his committee to discuss the adjustment of budget amount for fire mitigation once the timber sale has been completed.


Update and New Emergency Exits: Jack reported that he had received confirmation from the BLM that they have received the fire exit application and everything looks to be in order but the BLM has requested another walk through of the area on 3/25/2014. Jack stated that the fee structure for approval of this application is hard to understand but he does not think that it will be too expensive. Pine Beetle Update: Jack stated that the survey has been completed by Adam Moore for the timber sale. There has been a good response from property owners contacted giving their permission to go onto their individual properties to harvest infected trees. Governance:

3rd Reading – Policy 021.01 – Disposing of Land Acquired by the ZHA Revision: Erin Smith moved to approve the revision of Policy 021.01 as presented at the third reading. Wayne Ross seconded. Erin Smith, Wayne Ross, Jim Jones, Jack Zeman, Anna Dvorak and Tyra Barnes by email vote, voted in favor of this revision. Motion carried. Discussion of Policy 028.00: Betty Westbrook questioned who was on the ZHA Board at the time Policy 028.00 was adopted and if this policy, since approval had been used. She was informed that this policy is used each time a property comes up for Treasurer’s Deed by the ZHA Board prior to the letter being sent asking for payment by the certificate holder of any delinquent dues owed on the property. Discussion followed with the purpose of Policy 028.00 being explained. Betty asked that for the record, she feels that she was treated “unfairly” during the process of her recent acquisition of a sub-acre lot. The Governance committee will be meeting early in April to discuss the sub-acre lot issue and also to begin revision of Policy 009.03. Physical Improvements and Maintenance: Jack stated that there has not been much activity over the past month. Betty Westbrook requested that the committee place a culvert between the intersection of Medano and Lake of the Falls on Navajo Road, as this area floods over Navajo Road each spring.


Water Division III Letter – Blanca Place Augmentation Point: Chairman Jim Jones stated that the Water Committee held a meeting the week of March 10, 2014 to discuss the letter received from Water Division III concerning the Blanca Place Augmentation Point. Robert Schultz, Water Commissioner, was requested and did attend this meeting. The intent of the letter was to have the ZHA re-set the head gate at this diversion point. Discussion was held on the concern of replacing this head gate at this time of the year. The ZHA proposed to abandon the Parshall flume at the diversion site and the existing PCV pipe structure. The ZHA proposed to fill the area below to shore up the downhill embankment of the ditch. To measure the ZHA’s annual augmentation, a proposal was made to cap the downstream end with a steel plate and then run a 4” PCV pipe the appropriate distance and configuration. The ZHA would also like to install a steel grate at the end of the ditch to filter debris away from the area where the water is running. When water is not running the proposal was to modify the slider gate so that it can be locked in a closed position. When water is running this would be unlocked and the gate opened and screening grate inserted. Robert Schultz has given his approval to the submitted drawing on this remediation but the ZHA is awaiting an official approval from Water Division III. The 2014 Call for Water has been completed and Cindy will deliver to Water Division III. The spring thaw has already begun.

Welcome: Chairman Anna Dvorak had no report. She has been investigating acquiring a device using a hotspot through a cell phone provider so that board members and property owners can attend board meetings remotely. She will investigate costs and providers and report back to the board.

Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the Board at this meeting.

New Business:

Juanita Ryan Request Unit 2-Block 45-Lot 03 .85 Acres: Obermiller/Foncannon Request Unit 1-Block 19-Lot 09 .82 Acres: As these two items are addressing the same issue, it was decided to discuss both at the same time. These two owners would like to deed their single sub-acre lots over to the Association or any other interested party in lieu of any and all delinquent/current dues owned on their properties as they feel their properties are worthless. Discussion followed on the best approach to handling this issue now and in the future. It was decided to decline the Ryan and Obermiller/Foncannon requests at this time. Jack will check with Alamosa County Land Use to see if there is a possibility of absorbing these two sub-acre lots into the adjacent greenbelts.


Date Action Assigned To Due Date 10/18/2013 Organize Volunteer Work Day Tyra and Nancy Starling Ross ON-GOING

20-Minute Open Forum: A letter was read from Marie Zanowick expressing her appreciation and thanks for all the hard work the Board does to address issues within the subdivision after her recent attendance at a board meeting. She received valuable information on the challenges the board deals with and also gained information specific to her lots.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, April 18, 2014, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.

Tyra Barnes, Secretary