Board of Directors Meeting

March 15, 2013 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm MOSCA COMMUNITY BUILDING

Board of Directors Meeting

March 15, 2013

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, March 15, 2013, at the Mosca Community Building at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Erin Smith, Wayne Ross, Tyra Barnes and Anna Dvorak. Jim Jones arrived after the meeting was called to order. His entrance will be noted in the minutes. Administrator Cindy Chapman was also present. There were no property owners in attendance.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as published.

Approval of Minutes from February 15, 2013: Wayne Ross moved to approve the February 15, 2013, minutes as presented. Erin Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Erin Smith moved to approve the bills as presented. Wayne Ross seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report: Administrator Cindy Chapman presented the following list of her activities for the last month:

Filed yearly renewal of homeowner’s association with Division of Real Estate with the state. Notified board members of insurance inspection by the ZHA insurance carrier to evaluate subdivision. Filed yearly report of ZHA trade name with CO Secretary of State. Notified Terri Dorsey to post notice of Governance and Water Committee meetings on the website. Delivered Forrest Ketchin’s A/C approval form to Alamosa County Land Use office. Prepared draft of revision of Policy 029.01 Zapata Zephyr Newsletter and Website for first reading. Notified Jack Zeman of requirement made by insurance carrier to post “No Swimming” and “Stay off the Ice” signs at both the Lower and Upper Lakes for liability purposes. By an email vote, it was decided to post 4, 12” x 18” signs at both lakes. There signs have been ordered and will be installed by the April 5, 2013, deadline. Prepared a letter confirming that this has been completed to send to Genesee General, the ZHA insurance carrier. February month-end financials emailed to Treasurer, Wayne Ross, for his review. Prepared a letter to send to Betty Jo Westbrook who has asked that a Treasurer’s Deed be issued on Unit 2-Block 40-Lot 12, .98 acres in size on June 13, 2013. This letter will notify her that $875.00 in annual dues/late/lien/collection fees are owed on this property and must be paid prior to the ZHA allowing the Treasurer’s Deed to be issued. Month-end reconciliation completed with Carlton Collections.

Committee Reports:


▪Requirements for Contractors Working on the Subdivision:

Chairman Tyra Barnes asked that this topic be discussed under her Communications Committee report. There was no A/C business to discuss.

Board member Jim Jones entered the meeting at this point.


▪Neighborhood Watch Update:Chairman Tyra Barnes stated that she

had gotten in touch with John White and he had provided her with many materials concerning a Neighborhood

Watch (NW) program. John stated that he had not moved forward with trying to start a program on the subdivision due to little response. There are several organizations linked to the NW program (Community Emergency Response Team [CERT], Colorado Citizen Corps, etc.). Tyra stated that after looking over these materials she came to the realization that the NW as it is set up might not work on the subdivision as there are few homes spread over a large space with many owners only on the subdivision part-time. There is simply not enough time or volunteer resources for a true neighborhood watch program to be implemented but she feels some type would be beneficial. She will continue to do research to see what would best suit the subdivision. Her main goal is to keep requirements simple. Tyra would like to see a stronger connection between the ZHA and Sheriff’s department. She feels that some type of NW program would have many positive benefits to the subdivision.

▪Requirements for Contractors Working on the Subdivision:It is

not legally possible for the board to require contractors working on the subdivision to conduct background checks on the employees they hire. Tyra does have information on how to do a simple background check for anyone interested. Discussion was held on how to keep the subdivision safe in light of the recent burglaries. The possibility of again hiring a Caretaker to help with subdivision surveillance and perhaps use as a point person should some type of NW program be implemented was discussed. Cindy will email the most recent Caretaker Job Description to board member to review and discuss.

Fees & Budget: Chairman Wayne Ross stated that he will have a committee meeting sometime during the next week. He would like to see each of his committee members act as an individual liaison between each of the committee chairmen. Wayne feels this will be beneficial when working on the 2014 budget. His committee will also review and discuss the 2012 budget to actual income and expenditures. It was decided at this time to put the 2013 Strategic Plan/Mission Statement on the agenda for the April meeting.

Wayne asked about the rock crushing that Cooley was to have begun this winter. Jack will contact Cooley about this issue.

Fire: Co-Chairman Jack Zeman stated that he will be calling a committee meeting sometime in the early spring to discuss fire mitigation and other fire topics important to the subdivision. Discussion was also held on organizing volunteer work days to continue with fire mitigation activities.

Governance: Chairman Erin Smith stated that her committee met on March 2, 2013. Discussion was held on revising Policy 029.00 on the Zapata Zephyr Newsletter and Website to coincide with statute requirements. It was decided to publish one yearly newsletter to be mailed out with the Annual Meeting Notice with on-going postings of important news and information during the year on the website.

▪1st Reading:Revision of Policy 029.01 Zapata Zephyr Newsletter

& Website: The suggested revision as recommended by the Governance Committee was discussed. This policy will go to the second reading at the April 19, 2013, board meeting.

Physical Improvements and Maintenance: Chairman Jack Zeman stated that he had picked up 30 current maps of the subdivision. Each board member was given a copy for reference purposes and the remainder will remain with the Administrator to hand out to new property owners as needed.

Jack stated that the roads are drying up quite nicely around the subdivision with just a few boggy areas. He has been keeping an eye on culverts on Cedar Ridge by Jodine Ryan house and the Rockco house on Rosewood as they froze during the winter but seem to be thawing and cleaning out all right. He will have Cooley grade the main roads mid to late April. Signs were ordered for “No Swimming” and “Stay off the Ice” per insurance mandate and have been received. Two of each of these signs will be posted at both the Lower and Upper Lakes during the next week.

Anna asked about installing more signs on the dumpster to deter illegal dumping. Jack will move the two signs from the ends and put them on the middle doors for better visibility.

Water: Chairman Jim Jones stated that his committee met on Saturday, March 9, 2013. ZHA Attorney Erich Schwiesow was in attendance to discuss the commercial water issue on Unit III. All committee members are in agreement with the direction Erich has been taking to get this issue resolved. Future wells drilled on commercial lots in Unit III will be based on consumptive uses as set by the State for the business applying for the permit. The three commercial wells that currently exist will remain based on acre feet. Each commercial well has to be drilled on the actual property owned by the business.

The 2013 Call for Water has been completed and the Administrator will deliver to Water Division III.

Welcome: Chairman Anna Dvorak thanked Erin Smith for her work on the recycling article and Jack for obtaining subdivision maps to be included in the new member handouts. She stated that the welcome packets are now complete. She will email a pdf copy to the Administrator as a backup.

Old Business:

▪Security Camera:Wayne Ross has been doing research of security

cameras and most seem to be wireless. He has asked for pricing from different vendors and is waiting for proposals back on costs. The motion-activated systems would require power. The front entrance gate is the logical first location to install a camera and if one is installed at the dumpster, power would have to be brought to that site. A night-vision camera with the capability to read license plate numbers would be important. Vandalism is the main concern when setting up each camera.

New Business:

▪Richard Treichel Offer:Administrator Cindy Chapman stated that

Mr. Treichel had contacted her about the possibility of his quit claiming the deed to the two lots he now owns in exchange for removing all dues owed on these properties. Mr. Treichel is in poor and failing health with no heirs to pass the property on to. After discussion, the board did not feel this is something that they want to agree to. An effort will be made to contact adjacent property owners to the two properties to see if there is an interest there. The legal descriptions of the two properties are: Unit 2-Block 36-Lot 13 @ .92 Acres and Unit 2-Block 39-Lot 46 @ .52 Acres.

Action Items


Action Item

Assigned To

Due Date


Proposals on Security System

Wayne Ross



Install Signs at both Lakes

Jack and Wayne



Review Caretaker Job Description; 2012 Strategic Plan/Mission Statement to discussion of 2013 Strategic Plan/Mission Statement at April board meeting

All Board Members


20-Minute Open Forum: No discussion

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, April 19, 2013, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.

Tyra Barnes, Secretary