Important Announcement - Pine Beetle Infestation


Following an inspection of some dead and dying trees on the Zapata Subdivision the Board received the following report from the Colorado State Forest Service. This means that we will have to act aggressively to remove any affected trees found on the subdivision. We will begin immediately the work of identifying and removing any diseased trees from the Common Lands. If we find a diseased tree on private property we need the permission of the property owner to go onto their property and remove those affected trees.

If you know that you have Ponderosa or Douglas Fir trees on your property please contact any Board Member or our Administrator and give us permission to inspect your property and to harvest any diseased trees we find. We will contact property owners when we see diseased trees on their property, but it would be a great help if we got your permission in advance. We have a lot of work to get accomplished to prevent the spread of destruction on our most beautiful forest environment.

A complete copy of the report is attached to this article.

Thank You, ZHA Board of Directors