Defensible Space Grant Program Announcement


The Colorado DNR has announced that the Advisory Committee has approved our proposed Defensible Space Plan with a Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant in the amount of $25,000.

ZHA Procedures for Grant Application Matching Proceeds for Creation of Defensible Space Around Homes and Structures Based on CSFS Guidelines Homeowner Projects

Applications are being accepted for 50/50 matching proceeds for creation of defensible space around homes and structures in the wild land urban interface which includes the ZHA subdivision. The ZHA is the recipient for the grant and the following procedures would be followed in providing these matching proceeds to ZHA homeowners to assist in creating defensible space on their properties with any grant proceeds awarded to the ZHA under this program.

The homeowner would need to prepare a proposed project to create defensible space around homes and other structures, if appropriate, on their property in conjunction with the Colorado State Forest Service guidelines. Such plan would be developed with the assistance and approval of the Alamosa District Forester (currently Adam Moore). Once such plan is prepared and approved a detailed cost estimate would be prepared with specific tasks, priority and costs. Once the plan and budget is prepared and approved it would be submitted to the ZHA Fire Committee for review and they would determine if all or a portion of the plan would be recommended for matching grant funds based on the grant funds awarded to the ZHA. This recommendation would then be submitted to the ZHA Board for approval. Once approved, the homeowner can then proceed with the plan or the portion of the plan based on the grant award approved by the ZHA Board. Once the approved portion was completed and signed off by Adam Moore and the costs (Hard match) are paid by the homeowner or documented Soft match (in-kind) that includes donated supplies, equipment, staff time or volunteer time is submitted the 50% grant portion would then be paid to the homeowner by the ZHA. Donated time should be accounted for using current volunteer labor rates ($22.43/hour for 2014). Total cost must not exceed $5,000, a $2,500 grant match. Two other areas that funding could be requested is for construction of fuel breaks, based on CSFS guidelines and fuels reduction beyond defensible space, designed to protect water supplies and/or reduce fine intensity.

This program offer has a limited period and all projects must be completed by August 2016.