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Do the by laws allow a mobile home (720 sq ft or larger) on Lot 18, Block 49?

William Crawford April 17, 2015 The By-Laws do not, the 81 Covenants allow for mobile homes on certain lots, your lot being one of them. However Alamosa County Land Use does not permit construction on any lots less than 1.0 acres. I also believe the County will only permit mobile homes in Zoned Residential Mobile Home parks or with Special Use (MH).

Jack Zeman April 18, 2015 Are you planning to change the By-Laws or the Covenants? Your letter seems to want to change the by-laws. I feel the by-law stated in your letter does NOT need to change, but I think the covenants need to be looked at and see if they are only there for the residents.

Rebcca Leeper April 27, 2015 As a new land owner and with plans to build, I like most want to protect the investment made. That being said I would be in favor of a re-write if we knew the exact direction the community wanted to go.

Questions: 1) Are we looking to keep Zapata rural in nature? 2) Do we prefer a more upscale subdivision with amenities.

One will offer a peaceful place with little development of lots. The other will bring more homes and increased values and sales. The trick is the letter is very vague and does not address why owners bought here in the first place. You need a comprehensive questioner sent out to get the overall thought as to what owners expected from their purchase in Zapata. Then we can move forward as group. I believe everyone wants a nice place to live, either full-time or part-time but understanding what everyone is thinking is the first step. Once that happens then we will have direction as to what the community will want to look like and how to protect it, the HOA and the owners. Alamosa is a beautiful place and offers a lot to the sportsman the retiree and families looking to live here so lets do this right and not fast.

Robert Magro April 29, 2015 I Agree with you Robert Magro I purchased 3 half acre lots then found out that I could not build unless I combined at least two of them and pay $1000.00. I would also have to request from the board which I have sent 2 letters and no response as of yet. I think that since all 3 lots are side by side they should have been combined at the time of purchase. Brenda Penser

brenda penser April 29, 2015 The attempt is to update the covenants.

John White May 8, 2015 The history to date has been along the lines of a rural setting. It would be wonderful to get more membership involvement to chart the future of the sub-division.

John White May 8, 2015 Combining lots is more of a county issue than a board issue. While a request to the board needs to be made, I don't believe one has ever been denied. The costs involved are county costs.

I will check on the status of your two letters.

John White May 8, 2015 Brenda,

We have no record of your letters. To whom did you send them?

John White May 9, 2015 John I have sent both letters to Cindy Chapman Po Box 1282 Alamosa Colo 81101 I have talked to her several times to make sure that I correctly followed the procedures and she said that she would bring them up at the following meeting. I don't understand why I would be told that if they hadn't been received. She may have be anticipating them but then why didn't I get notice that she didn't receive them. We have gone up there and it is such a beautiful community But it is not what it was portrayed to us when we purchased it. Brenda

brenda penser May 21, 2015 I'll check again. When did you mail them?

John White May 25, 2015