Defensible Space Educational Event


We had a good turnout for the Defensible Space Home Review on Saturday, March 12th. Joining CSFS Forester Adam Moore, Anna Dvorak, Tyra Barnes, Bunny Cochrane, Andrew Valdez, Tony Oswald, Janet Burt and Jack Zeman toured three properties and discussed the principles of creating Defensible Space. Those attending were reminded of the Grant Monies available to homeowners for creating ads pace around their homes.

We have a 3-part Defensible Space Home Review planned for next Saturday, March 12th. The whole tour will take 5 hours - please plan on attending all three home reviews as each site will provide additional information that will be useful to all properties.

Gather: 8:45am, coffee + tea Presentation starting time: 9 a.m. Meet at Tyra Barnes home - 33 Moki Court

Presentations: 9am - 2pm (.5 - 1 hour ea)

House 1: Tyra Barnes (Ponderosa, juniper, cottonwood, Doug fir) House 2: Andrew Valdez (Ponderosa, cottonwood, juniper) House 3: Bunny Cochrane (Pondy, Dougs, juniper, piñon and cottonwoods)


If there is time we can ask Adam to look at a few trees on individual properties and to mark trees for cutting and pruning. If you want follow-up time with Adam, to mark specific trees for trimming or removal on your own property, it will be offered at a reduced rate of $30-$55 per property, depending on time spent, and can be arranged to happen after the tour. This is a reduced rate for attending the group event - the normal charge is $100-125.


5 hour tour: free Follow-up (if requested): $30-55