Large Item Dumpster at Aspen Place through October 7

We will have a large open dumpster delivered to the subdivision so members can get rid of some of those bulky house cleaning items. Old chairs, appliances, dressers, etc. Dumpster will be located at Aspen Place just inside the gate above Mill Run.

Refrigerators and freezers must be drained of Freon and motors removed.

NO Tires

NO Dirt, rocks, or cement

No Paint

No Electronic devices, see attached flyer

All items must fit within the walls of the dumpster

Disassemble items as much as possible

Not intended for construction or remodeling projects


State and Local Landfill Regulations govern what is allowed and is strictly enforced and may result in fines.

If this works out we will have two events in the Spring and Fall for members to get rid of bulky items that otherwise need to be hauled to Del Norte.