Covenants Meeting June 10 Agenda + Documents

Covenants Review Meeting June 10, 2017 - Great Sand Dunes Visitor Center Conference Room 2pm - 5pm. Tell the rangers at the gate that you're at the Dunes for the ZHA meeting and your entrance fee will be waived.

Click HERE for the Agenda for the meeting along with the current Draft Covenant Document for review. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are the current Draft Covenants to date - still in draft form. The committee received suggestions up until the May 31 deadline which are still being reviewed and pending discussion and written response. The responses to these comments will therefore not be reflected in this document. The responses will be provided by the committee after the meeting on June 10 and after the ZHA attorney has reviewed the final draft.  There will be more updates to the draft covenants based on our completed review of comments (both those received by 5/31 and in order to include those received at the meeting) and with final input from the ZHA attorney.  

The target date for the updated draft Covenants based on input from ZHA membership and ZHA attorney is July 12, 2017, with the final mailing going out to the entire membership on July 17, 2017.