Covenants Comments/Responses - Suggestions/Responses

In advance of the mailing of the Proposed Covenants revision sent to the ZHA Membership for a vote, the ZHA Governance Committee is making available, as promised, the full archive of comments or suggestions that were received via email or mail, along with the committee response after each and every review. Names were removed for privacy, although dates were preserved. 

Please click HERE to open or download a full .pdf copy of this Comments/Response document. 

A full copy of the Proposed Covenants will be posted to the website once the document and the ballot have been sent to all the members. Materials are at the printers now and the mailing will be sent by the promised July 31, 2017 deadline. As a reminder, ballots will be due to be postmarked for return to the ZHA by September 1, 2017.