Wildfire Mitigation is Essential - tips from California

This article from the Washington Post outlines some excellent tips from homeowners who survived the Camp Fire in California with their structures (and lives) intact.

In case there is any doubt - wildfire mitigation, preparation and awareness is the best thing we can do to prepare for fire when it comes through. This article is really good and provides some excellent tips that piggy back on mitigation tips that many of us have already begun working on!

A quote from the article:

"Many fire-prevention measures can be cheaply addressed by homeowners: Clear pine needles and other flammable debris from roofs, rain gutters, decks and yards. Avoid stacking firewood directly against a house. Border the home with bare-soil flower gardens, rather than bark mulch. Replace wooden fences with materials that don’t burn. Install mesh screens over vents to prevent smoldering material from getting inside. Surround homes with fire-resistant hardwood trees, like aspen, oaks and maples, which can form a heat shield and wind damper during a conflagration."