Extreme Drought Conditions for Alamosa County

The National Weather Service has published a map and update of drought conditions across Colorado. Alamosa County is in the area of Extreme Drought Conditions due to lower than normal precipitation and higher than normal temperatures over the past several months.

"Warm and dry conditions across the region over the past several months, combined with abundant cured fuels, has allowed for moderate to high fire danger to develop and persist across much of South Central and Southeast Colorado. Over the past month, occasional windy periods associated with passing weather systems, allowed for several wildfires to develop and quickly spread across the area. The warm, dry and windy weather has also prompted area land management agencies to enact new fire restrictions.

The latest information on fire bans and restrictions can be found at:


The ZHA Board has called for a 100% ban on outdoor fires during this summer or until the drought has ended. This includes outdoor fires and burning, smoking cigarettes outside, and use of chainsaws and equipment that can throw sparks.