Wildfire Preparedness Day Event

Thanks to the almost 30 ZHA neighbors who came out to learn about fire safety and prevention and to do wildfire mitigation on common property on Saturday, May 5!  The event covered a basic overview of fire season in our region and in Zapata specifically. Included in the event was an overview of tools and equipment that the Fire Committee has been assembling for use fighting or holding off brush fires while waiting for the arrival of the Mosca/Hooper Fire Department. Local forester Sam Scavo did a more extensive explanation of brush fire tools and their use, and helped Fire Committee chair John Barnes demonstrate the use of fire backpacks and our fire trailers. Members in attendance were able to test out the fire backpacks and the fire trailer sprayers. 

After the demonstration, members broke into teams and hauled over 10 large loads of slash away from common property roadsides to the burn pit.

The ZHA received a grant of $500 from State Farm to promote and support the event. Zapata is part of the Wildfire Communities, a project of the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association), and annual events such as our community day on May 5 fulfill our requirement to do outreach, education and fire prevention. The ZHA was one of 150 communities to receive grant money nationwide, and one of 15 in Colorado.

Thanks to Tony Oswald for the photos.