Gate Location Review

The Board of Directors reviewed and discussed at length the possibility of moving the gate to a location at the entrance of the subdivision off of CO 150 at the February meeting. Among concerns commonly expressed are preventing dumping in the ZHA dumpster, preventing package theft and discouraging non-resident fishing in the lower lake.

Cost expenditures needed to relocate the gate include running electricity to the road; creating a new, substantial, fence and barrier to entry across a wide expanse that currently has no containment; rerouting entrance road patterns to funnel traffic through one gate; moving the post office boxes, and running fiber optic cable to power the security cameras. Estimates start at $68,000 and reach around $100,000. 

A project of this scope would require a special double assessment of the entire membership to pay for the project. Following discussion, the Board concluded that it would take decades to recover the cost of moving the gate to pay for extra dumpster pulls in the summer and fish in the pond. Security for parcel delivery has been achieved by relocating the parcel box to a location within the subdivision. The Board has decided not to pursue relocation of the gate at this time.