Draft Covenants Revised Version June 2018

The governance committee has made changes to the draft covenants that were submitted to the membership for a vote last year. The vote narrowly passed in September 2018, but the margin was not wide enough to warrant passage. The board submitted the covenants with a petition to approve, which went before a judge earlier this year. The judge did not agree with our position that we had enough votes for passage when voting members not in good standing (I.e. in arrears with their dues payments) were not counted and he did not approve our petition. 

The governance committee has incorporated changes that took into consideration several points of concern amongst the membership. The board is submitting this current draft for review by the membership. At the August 4 annual meeting of the membership, the board will take a vote by members in attendance, and their proxies, on whether or not to pursue a second vote. The process of taking a second vote would follow the same process last year: the draft amended covenants would be mailed to the membership two times, an open forum questions and answers session would be advertised and held for the membership to attend and discuss, and the vote would be conducted with a third-party receiving the ballots and counting the results. The estimated cost to remount the vote would be about $5000, depending on the size of the packet (there is an option to reduce the number of pages, reducing the mailing costs.)

Please take the time to review the attached DRAFT AMENDED COVENANTS OF THE ZAPATA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION and please attend the annual meeting on Saturday, August 4.