Governance Committee Meeting Minutes


Governance Committee minutes for March 20

The Governance Committee met at the home of Chairman Erin Smith, 162 Cedar Ridge Road, at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

Members present: Erin Smith, Nancy Starling Ross and John and Tyra Barnes.

Discussion was held on the covenants and policies.

The committee decided that Nancy and Erin would respond to questions, reviewing their answers with the committee before forwarding them to the Board. John will compile the questions and answers and later they will be placed on the website. There have been only two comments and responses to date.

The open forum on the proposed covenants will be held from 1-3 p.m. April 27, 2019, at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The committee is suggesting that we have an outside facilitator, preferably one of our attorneys from McClure and Eggleston to introduce that firm to the homeowners. The agenda will be similar to that of the last forum on the covenants two years ago.

Tasks for the forum: Nancy will have her computer, do the handouts including the agenda and copies of Tyra’s cross reference. Erin and Tyra will be in charge of the food. Tyra will bring pens. Erin will bring index cards for comments/questions and name tags.

The committee will hold a meeting at Nancy’s on April 30 to go over any changes to the covenants resulting from the April 27 open forum. Committee members and others will start calling members on May 1 to get out the vote on the covenants. Although the main goal is to pass the covenants this time, it is important that members vote. The deadline for receiving ballots will be July 1, 2019; ZHA members can walk their ballots in to WSB which will be handling the election.

As to policies, Nancy said they are inconsistent in their formatting and have too much detail. She has corrected the formatting to make it unified. There are critical changes in three policies that need to be made relating to last year’s change in the acreage—raising the acreage to five acres, up from three—for two assessments. Changes need to be made in Policies 9.05 (need to change to say 5 acres or greater - not greater than 5 acres), Policy 011.01 (remove reference to statute and 3 acres), and Policy 033.00 (remove reference to policy 009.0X and the 3 acres).  The committee is considering May 31 for a meeting on the matter.

Erin Smith, chairman, March 21, 2019