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August 20, 2021 Board Meeting (via Zoom)


Board of Directors Meeting via Zoom

August 20, 2021

Call to Order: The Board of Directors for the Zapata Homeowners Association held its regular meeting, Friday, August 20th, via a Zoom Meeting beginning at 5:30 PM.

Board Members Present: Jack Zeman, Wayne Ross, Leeza Kuznetsova, Gary Poe, Joe Funk, John White and Erin Smith. Administrator Anna Ciezki was also present as well as eight members, Lewis Housley, Sharon McEachern, Betty Jo Westbrook, Ryan Sutherland, Tony Oswald, James McKinney, Kim Jatkowski and Len Jatkowski

Election of Officers: Erin Smith nominated Wayne Ross as President/Chairman of the Board; Gary Poe seconded. Erin Smith nominated Jack Zeman as Vice President/Co Chairman of the Board; Gary Poe seconded. Jack Zeman nominated Erin Smith as Secretary; Gary Poe seconded. Jack Zeman nominated Gary Poe as Treasurer; Erin Smith seconded. All motions carried unanimously and the new officers of the Board were selected.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was amended to approve the bills and minutes prior to the new election of officers.

Approval of Minutes:

June 18, 2021 Board Meeting – Erin Smith moved to approve the minutes from June 18, 2021 Board Meeting. Jack Zeman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

August 7, 2021 Annual Meeting – Erin Smith moved to approve the minutes from the August 7, 2021 Annual Meeting. John White seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid: Erin Smith inquired about paying the caretaker mileage. Wayne Ross referenced Policy 024.00 Mileage Reimbursement. Smith then inquired about the increase in accounting fees to which Wayne Ross explained that there was an increase for the 2020 tax preparation. She also inquired about the gate repair; it was explained that a concrete truck backed into our keypad and we had to pay for the repair. Gary Poe moved to approve the bills as presented. Erin Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Administrator’s Report:


June – August 2021

  • 06/18/21 (2.5 hours) Board Meeting inquiries. Board Meeting.
  • 06/19/21 (1.5 hours) Emails, Annual Meeting Notice and proxy prep.
  • 06/20/21 (1 hour) Meeting with Erin regarding newsletter. Check signing and prep.
  • 06/21/21 (1.5 hours) Bank deposit, Post office box.
  • 06/22/21 (4 hours) Transfers including database and QuickBooks update. Newsletter prep.
  • 06/23/21 (2.5 hours) Newsletter prep, Kiva Storage Dispute resolution, inquiries.
  • 06/24/21 (3.5 hours) Newsletter, Inquiries, June Board Meeting minutes.
  • 06/25/21 (1 hour) Post office box and bank deposit.
  • 06/28/21 (0.5 hour) Emails.
  • 06/29/21 (1 hour) Post office.
  • 06/30/21 (1 hour) Emails and calls.
  • 07/01/21 (0.5 hour) Emails.
  • 07/02/21 (1 hour) Emails, O&V Calls.
  • 07/06/21 (1.5 hours) Emails and filing.
  • 07/07/21 (1.75 hours) Receive payments, Post office, bank deposit and O&V for foreign newsletters.
  • 07/08/21 (1 hour) Emails. Status inquiry research.
  • 07/09/21 (1.5 hours) Mosca Post Office, status inquiry research and emails.
  • 07/12/21 (1.5 hours) Received payments, status inquiry research, call from potential buyer and emails.
  • 07/13/21 (2 hours) Emails. Post office box and bank deposit.
  • 07/14/21 (1 hour) Filing, invoice management, transfers including database and QuickBooks update.
  • 07/15/21 (1 hour) Checks signed, emails and prepped payments for mail.
  • 07/16/21 (1.75 hours) Emails, inquiries, received payments for dues.
  • 07/18/21 (0.5 hour) Emails.
  • 07/19/21 (2.5 hours) Emails. Post office box and bank deposit.
  • 07/20/21 (0.75 hours) Emails. Research for status inquiries.
  • 07/21/21 (1 hour) Emails and calls returned from potential buyers.
  • 07/22/21 (1.5 hours) Inquiries, status inquiry research, emails.
  • 07/23/21 (1.5 hours) Questions regarding ownership and emails.
  • 07/26/21 (1 hour) Invoice management, payment preparation, printing.
  • 07/27/21 (1.5 hours) Post office box and bank deposit.
  • 07/28/21 (1 hour) Emails and calls.
  • 07/29/21 (1.5 hours) Questions from prospective owners. Email management, administrative filing.
  • 07/30/21 (0.5 hour) Status inquiry and research. One call.
  • 08/02/21 (1 hour) Post office box and bank deposit.
  • 08/03/21 (1 hour) Emails and proxy management.
  • 08/04/21 (3 hours) Voting spreadsheet preparation – full update for all transfers from 2020 to present.
  • 08/05/21 (1 hour) Post office box.
  • 08/06/21 (8 hours) Finished voting spreadsheet preparation – full update for all transfers from 2020 to present. Annual meeting preparation – proxy assignments and tabulation, ballots, printing handouts, gathering of necessary items for the meeting (name tags, magnets, Fire Wise brochures, etc.). Met with Wayne to discuss setup.
  • 08/07/21 (5.5 hours) Annual Meeting – posted signs, registration, meeting. Posted May minutes to the website.
  • 08/09/21 (1 hour) Post office box.
  • 08/10/21 (0.5 hour) Emails.
  • 08/11/21 (1.5 hours) Annual meeting minutes draft, financial reconciling.
  • 08/12/21 (3.5 hours) Post office box. Transfers including database and QuickBooks update.
  • 08/13/21 (2.5 hours) Annual meeting minutes draft completion and sent to board members.
  • 08/16/21 (3 hours) One call with a prospective buyer. Invoice management, financial reports generated for Wayne.
  • 08/17/21 (4 hours) Post office box. Board meeting documents preparation. Printed transfers.
  • 08/18/21 (1.5 hours) Emails, calls, budget sheet preparation.
  • 08/19/21 (1.5 hours) Budget sheet finalizations and sent to Wayne.
  • 08/20/21 (3.75 hours) Check print and preparation for signing. Check signing. Board meeting and emails.
  • Total: 90 hours

Caretaker’s Report:

  • 6/19 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 6/19 – drive south side, looking at road base, properties, etc. 60 mins – 18 miles
  • 6/21 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 6/25 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 6/27 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 6/27 – patrol – 60 min-17 mi
  • 6/28 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 7/9 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 7/10 – patrol/dumpster/access slash pile – 90min -18 mi
  • 7/11 – patrol/dumpster – 90 mins-19 mi
  • 7/12 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 7/13 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 7/14 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 7/15 – trash service issues and discussion with Wayne
  • 7/15 – keypad crash/discussions/fb posting – 30 mins
  • 7/16 – patrol – 60 mins-15 mi
  • 7/18 – showed Mr. Cisneros his 3 lots – 60 mins
  • 7/18 – patrol – 60mins -13 mi
  • 7/22 – dumpster – 20 mins
  • 7/23 – patrol – 60 mins. Send pics of box on mill run/little bear -15 mi
  • 7/24- dumpster/patrol/check slash pile – 90 mins-19 mi
  • 7/25 – patrol – 60 mins/check water runoff -13 mi
  • 7/27 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 7/30 – check culverts/clean what I could on Rosewood,Cottonwood, Pine Valley – 60 mins
  • 8/2 – patrol and access water damage – 60 mins – 14mi
  • 8/2 – dumpster – break down cardboard – 30 mins
  • 8/3 – water assessment/coordinate clean up with Cooley – 2hrs
  • 8/3 – afternoon follow up and coordination strategy with Wayne – 30 mins
  • 8/4 – patrol for water damage and report – 60 mins – 13 mi
  • 8/4 – check status of work on roads, clear debris from culverts – 60 mins – 12 mi
  • 8/5 – patrol to check repairs to roads – 15 mi
  • 8/5 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 8/7 – patrol – 2hrs, 17 miles
  • 8/7 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 8/8 – dumpster and patrol – 90 mins – 15 miles
  • 8/10 – dumpster – 30 mins
  • 8/10 – patrol – 60 mins – 12 miles
  • 8/10 – met MHFD to watch them test the hydrant at lower lake and cistern on Indian Hill – 90 mins
  • 8/12 – patrol – 90 mins – 17 miles
  • 8/14 – patrol -60 mins – 14 miles
  • Total miles – 276

There were no questions regarding the caretaker report. Gary reported that there was a dishwasher in the dumpster, Wayne Ross committed to helping the next day to remove it. There will be a fall large item dumpster delivered in the coming weeks.

Committee Reports:

Architecture: Homeowner Rodney Smith has submitted a variance request for the shed square footage. The shed he has requested to build exceeds the shed maximum square footage by 232 square feet; instead of two sheds he would have one large shed. Gary Poe moved to approve the variance request. Leeza Kuznetsova seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

-Ryan Sutherland Commercial Plan –Jack Zeman began having connection issues so he relocated, in his absence he gave his proxy to Gary Poe and informed the board that he wanted to vote yes for the project to proceed. Wayne Ross asked for a cost estimate, Ryan Sutherland provided a cost estimate of $800,000 to $1,000,000 for a Bed & Breakfast. Gary Poe noted that the new building proposed looks good. Jack Zeman returned to the meeting. Jack Zeman moved that the board of directors goes on record saying that since Ryan Sutherland did not need to complete the variance request that he proceed with the commercial plan in accordance with the commercial guidelines. Joe Funk voted nay because he does not know how we can vote without a business plan. Jack Zeman explained that because Sutherland no longer needs the variance because he’s moving forward with an approved commercial structure. The motion carried with five votes.

Communication: Chairman Erin Smith reported that she hoped Leeza Kuznetsova would take over the Communications chair. Homeowner Tony Oswald is working on redoing the website and has made significant progress. Oswald has requested that board members and the administrator come by for a demonstration of the website. Jack Zeman will work with Oswald to send out invitations to view the website.

Fees & Budget: Gary Poe reported that there was not much to report. There has been a little more coming out of the water budget for legal fees and consultations. There will also be extra expenses surrounding both the gate repair and the road damage from the flash floods in August. Committee budget sheets will be going out soon so that a preliminary budget can be proposed at the September board meeting. After the meeting the budget will go out to the membership for comment.

Fire: Chairman Wayne Ross reported that we have been approved for the grants and will start the bidding process for contractors soon. A sum of $48,000 has been approved for the south side of Big Bear, Hampton Run and Mill Run. We have also received $128,000 from the Colorado State Forest Service which will require some in kind work, hours can be tracked as of August 16, 2021. Ross is looking into how we could get reimbursed for mitigation costs for homeowners. Ross also offered a mini fire pump training when he has to drain the trailer for winter. Leeza Kuznetsova proposed and made a google document to be shared to track homeowner in kind hours.

Governance: Chairman Erin Smith reported that the governance committee will be holding a committee meeting soon to discuss the attorney’s suggestion for the plat which will include a new survey of all the consolidations and a presentation to the entire membership to be voted upon.

Physical Improvements: There have been a lot of repairs done on roads and culverts after recent flash floods. Board member Joe Funk has done a lot of work in those areas as well as Cooley. A small discussion began about moving the gate. Wayne Ross encouraged interested parties to become part of the Physical Improvements committee to help facilitate the change they want to see at the entrance of the subdivision.

Water: Chairman Jack Zeman stated that we received the Memorandumof Understanding (MOU) from our attorney regarding process with Division on granting Commercial wells which should be wrapped up by August 31, 2021. The HOA is working to come to an agreement with The Nature Conservancy to keep water in the lakes.

Welcome: No new updates. Administrator Anna Ciezki continues to distribute welcome letters and magnets to new homeowners.

Old Business

  • Status of survey – Jack Zeman went by Russell Surveyors office and we are on the schedule, however, they have been extremely backed up this year.

New Business

Committee Chairmen AppointedJack Zeman moved to approve the following committee chairmen for 2021-2022, seconded by Erin Smith and the motion carried unanimously.

Architecture Committee Chairman: Jack Zeman

Communication Committee Chairman: Leeza Kuznetsova

Communication Committee Co-Chairman: Erin Smith

Fees & Budget Committee Chairman: Gary Poe

Fire Committee Chairman: Austen Reneau

Fire Committee Co-Chairman: Wayne Ross

Governance Committee Chairman: Erin Smith

Physical Improvements Committee Chairman: Joe Funk

Physical Improvements Committee Co-Chairman: Wayne Ross

Water Committee Chairman: Gary Poe

Water Co-Chairman: Jack Zeman

Welcome Committee Chairman: Leeza Kuznetsova

Gutted Event – There is a five day “gut your van” challenge occurring on privately owned land approximately four miles from the subdivision beginning September 8th. The physical improvements committee will discuss a sign-up sheet for people to monitor the gate or obtaining a sign. John White does not think a sign will work and suggested reaching out to the event coordinators to ask them to make their participants aware that a private subdivision is nearby and it is not to be confused with Zapata Falls.

Dumpster Move –Gary Poe would like the dumpster inside the gate. Erin Smith brought up the increased traffic and the potential loss of sales. John White suggested putting a camera at the dumpster to catch offenders from outside the neighborhood. Erin Smith moved that John White puts up a camera. Leeza Kuznetsova seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


11/19/2021Proposed New Gate


Physical Improvements



20-Minute Open Forum: Nothing was discussed.

Adjournment: The next regular board meeting of the Zapata Homeowners Association will be held on Friday, September 17, 2021, at 5:30 PM at the Mosca Community Building.


Erin Smith, Secretary

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