December 20, 2022 Governance Committee Minutes

The governance committee of the Zapata Homeowners’ Association was called to order at 1:08 p.m. December 20, 2022, at the home of Nancy Starling Ross, co-chairman of the committee.

Members present either in person or by internet were Nancy Starling Ross, John White, Erin Smith, Toby Woodson and Jack Zeman. Also present was HOA member Forrest Ketchin.

Discussion was held on the upcoming plat vote. Nancy reported that Anna Ciezki is all set in terms of the plat vote to send out the information the first week of January. In an executive session with our attorney, we have to work on letter that goes with the ballot the week of Feb. 20.

We are waiting on the cost of handling the voting from Sheena. We probably will let the attorney do the ballot. About 400 letters and ballots need to go out.

One of the questions is how long we should give people to vote. Originally we thought 4-5 weeks. Sheena thought that might be too long. In addition to mailing out info, we will send out an email to those ZHA members who have provided Anna with their email address. Nancy has been doing work with Anna on how to manage that.  There are only three international addresses but Anna has email addresses for all of them. We need to have the letter and ballot finalized before the February board meeting. We probably want a meeting in January. Nancy needs to do a draft of the letter.

Sheena still is doing research about what we can and can’t do regarding regulations for STR/LTR. There is new legislation on what we can do with fines.

Erin noted that in her review of the policies and bylaws, she learned she can’t appoint a co-chair; the committee must vote on it. M/John; s/Toby to make Nancy co-chair. Unanimous.

John suggested that since bylaws are a higher level of governance than policies, we should work on them first. Then we need a review by our attorney.

Nancy led the discussion on the bylaws. She noted that throughout her changes, she changed the word “Covenants” to “Declaration.” Add: “to serve on a committee one must be member in good standing and a natural person.”

Edits and revisions were made throughout. When the 2-hour work period was up, we got to Article VI.