Long view of Great Sand Dunes National Park dune field

Fire Committee Siren Test and Work Day

The ZHA Fire Committee will be testing the emergency siren on two different days this week.  The first test will be Thursday, May 2 at 7 PM.  The second test will be Saturday, May 4 at 10 AM.  Both tests will last one minute.

We are doing it on two days to try to cover as many residents as we can.  The siren is located at the SE corner of Lake of the Falls/Hampton Run.  Not all residents may be able to hear it.  If you are listening during the test time and can not hear the siren, please let a Fire Committee member know.  This will assist in making notifications during an emergency.

If you are unable to be here during those times, let the committee chair () know a time you will be here and we may conduct another test.

We will also have a work day coming up as soon as we receive our fir tree pheromone patches (any day now).  We are looking for volunteers to help hang patches on healthy fir trees that are in the vicinity of diseased fir trees.  All you need to bring is a hammer!  Please let a committee member (Forrest, Mark, Suzanne, Wayne, John) know if you want to assist.