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Tree Removal Started

Tree removal work image
Workers remove bark beetle infested trees along Hampton Run road.

Work has begun removing dead fir trees that have been killed by bark beetles over the past year or longer. The trees are being removed and hauled away before the beetle larvae mature, hatch into winged adults and fly off to affect other trees. Forestry personnel are currently working in stands of trees off Hampton Run road. Use caution when driving through where the work is being done south of Big Bear road. Equipment is being used to remove and load the affected trees for transport away from the community. To help prevent further damage to trees, pheromone packets have been attached to vulnerable trees adjacent to the area where the affected trees are being removed. Pheromone packets are effectively used to deter any remaining adult bark beetles from attacking nearby live trees.

Save Your Trees!

Help save your valuable trees from the scourge of tree killing bark beetles by checking them closely for possible infestation. Here’s what the beetles look like after a tree is effectively girdled and killed by these tiny insects. You can help protect your valuable trees by treating them. There are several ways to do that before it’s too late to save them.

Property owners are urged to look closely at their valuable trees to identify trees that may be affected by bark beetles. There are ways to help protect trees from bark beetle infestations.