Zapata Community Classifieds

Got something you don’t need anymore that someone else may have a use for? Well, the new Zapata Classifieds is the place to offer it to other community members before it gets hauled to the dumpster. You can offer what you have to other community members for free or name your asking price. It’s all private, totally free and entirely within the community. It’s the Z’s best and most convenient way to recycle reusable, recyclable stuff.  (After all, we all need stuff, no?)

What about services? If you need a hand fixing something that just broke, can’t lift by yourself or don’t have the tools to do, someone may be closer than you think that can help you out.  As well, if you have a skill someone may need someday post a description of your expertise on our classifieds and instantly elevate your stature as a super-local, go-to person!

Give it a try…