2022 ZHA Fire Committee Budget

On Wednesday, September 1, the ZHA Fire Committee met via Zoom to discuss the ZHA Fire budget for 2022.  A copy of the 2022 budget worksheet as well as the 2017 Strategic Plan are included here for review and suggestions. 

Wayne Ross, Fire Committee Chair, met with Jenny Stricker of the NRCS and Adam Moore from the CSFS on Monday, August the 30th to discuss 2021 and 2022 work related to grants that have been received.  This will give us a better estimate of the ZHA contribution required for the remainder of 2021 and in 2022.  There is a credit (negative) balance in the fire expenses year-to-date because work completed (and paid in 2020 grant proceeds), were not received until 2021. Additional grants have been approved and are available for work over the next several years to be completed in 2025.

2020-2021 ZHA Mission-Strategic Plan